Your Internet phone keyword will work in ANY browser, instantly.

You are minutes from registration however, for us to provide this excellent, valuable and free service we do not tolerate registration errors.

If you are registering a phone number with area code in the U.S., then go to final registration now. No need to read this page.

You can register a Internet keyword however you must read and carefully follow all of the rules on this page. Reading this page is not required to register a Internet phone keyword.

NO GENERIC KEYWORDS ALLOWED. Be sure to read all the rules.

1) Make a list of pages and UNIQUE INTERNET KEYWORDS that specifically relate to them.

Your UNIQUE INTERNET KEYWORD must relate directly to the content of the page you are directing it to. It must not be misleading.

For example: If you sell Real Estate but register the Internet Keyword 'sex' thinking you'll get more hits, your registration will be deactivated and - as if we haven't said it enough - you will never be allowed to register with again.

2) Don't block a normal search
You are not trying to block others - and will not be allowed to. You are registering a unique Internet Keyword almost as distinctive as your phone, driver's license or social security number. Make your choices very carefully to avoid deactivation.

3) Think about special Internet Keywords unique to your company...
... like combining trade names with part numbers to send users to specific pages
making it easier for users to find them within your Site and for you to send them there.

In most cases you'll use your company name or organization before the keyword. You may need to get more specific but must be absolutely descriptive of your company and product and page and not block others from 'general searches'.

Register an Internet Keyword which is memorable and easy to spell - but NOT search engine keywords.

To send people to your home page you might register your phone number with area code (and Country Code if outside the United States).

If a model number for a specific product on a specific page is WH-1275, register that as your Internet Keyword to that specific page.

4) Our system finds 'partials'
If a User enters your entire Internet Keyword phrase such as 'Lexus Dealer Encino' they will go direct to the associated web page on that web Site. If the User enters only 'Lexus', (a 'partial' ), then a link will appear. When clicked, that link will still take the user to the Lexus Dealer Encino web page.

Please review these examples:

Example 1: Never register ANY common word or phrase like 'cars' or 'boats' or any other phrase that is not unique to your Site and would block others from a typical search IN ANY LANGUAGE. This includes acronyms and commonly known terms. IBM, for example, will not be allowed, unless you are IBM corporate.

Example 2: If you are Lexus corporate, you may register LEXUS CARS.

Example 3a: If you are a Lexus Dealer in Encino (and the only Lexus dealer in Encino), you must register LEXUS DEALER ENCINO, not Lexus. If there is another Lexus Dealer in Encino you must be more specific.

Example 3b: If you are not the only Lexus Dealer in Encino, you must use one additional keyword or unique describer (like LEXUS DEALER ENCINO 1 or LEXUS DEALER 888-255-3321 - (the numbers being your phone number).

Example 4: If you wish to register a product name or specific product group and direct it to a specific page, register WESTINGHOUSE DISHWASHERS or WD1234.

Your UNIQUE INTERNET KEYWORD can send users to any web page on your Site.
It does not necessarily have to be your home page.

It can save people hours on the phone directing people to pages within your Site.

For Sites which cover many topics or contain many products on separate pages, Internet Keywords can be invaluable.

If only part of your unique Internet Keyword is entered at that includes
a word in your registered keyword phrase, a link will appear to your page.

DO NOT REGISTER if you do not plan to follow the rules, have not read and understood this page, or do not plan or have the basic web design skills to place our mini banner on your page(s) that have Internet Keywords (or can have someone do this).

We review and analyze each and every registration.


  • comma-separated lists of keywords in any form
  • ANY generic or search-engine-type keyword(s)
  • Keywords for which you do not own the trademark

If you even think your Internet Keyword might block others from a typical search, DO NOT REGISTER IT. It will be deactivated and you will no longer be allowed to re-register or use this free service again.

If you are not sure, e-mail us at memberservices with the subject: REG QUESTION

Please go back Home if you plan on trying to register any generic keyword.

Register multiple Internet Keywords to DIFFERENT pages:
AS LONG AS each is UNIQUE and each is directed to a UNIQUE and different page on your Site with a different URLaddress.

For instance is different than and this is OK as long as both your Internet Keyword and URL it is directed to are different.

You can combinewords and use_underscores to separate words. This is allowed and a good way to avoid cancellation.


If you register a generic keyword - even if the system accepts it - EVEN ONE TIME -
we will never let you register with us again.

Be cautious since some URLs are also generic keywords. In this case, so your registration does not block others from searching, you must add your company name before these. This will be explained during the registration process.

If you choose to register an acronym like ABC be aware it may later be deactivated if it becomes a trademark or a known acronym in an industry.

You can lose your Internet Keyword if another claims to have rights to it so be sure it is as unique as you can make it.

Don't even think of registering 'Microsoft' or 'Sony' or 'IBM' or similar unless you really are from these Companies. Even if you are Microsoft (or similar), be sure to add another modifying word to your registration like 'Microsoft XBox' if you are registering a keyword to the authentic Microsoft XBox page. If you are simply a dealer you will need to add your company name and possibly more in front of it. Be thoughtful about what you register to avoid cancellation.

Don't risk registering an Internet Keyword that may later become a known acronym or you risk losing it at a later date - without notification.

Don't think we won't see your registration. We look at each and every one - and if we feel you are attempting to block a normal search by using generic keywords, lists of keywords, using trademark or brand names you do not own, or not following the directions, the game is over. We deactivate your registration and will not let you re-register.

This free service is for intelligent people that take their time and carefully choose their Internet Keywords. To keep the service free we cannot tolerate registration errors.

During the registration process we will provide you with choices. USE THEM.

Known issues:

If your Site uses frames...

With a frames-based Site, you may only register one Internet Keyword.

Once you agree to our terms on the next page you will be in final registration.
It goes quickly from here on. Be sure you understood this page. Please go back to page one if you did not. If you do understand we look forward to serving you!

OK! Take me to final registration.

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