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Consumers Promote the Brand with Bar Codes.
By Rob Cummings Bar Code Service can help promote brands (and products within brands) by enabling consumers to share their likes with others in a very specific way - by using bar code numbers.

Bar code numbers are unique to each specific product making them an ideal way to tell others about specific products.

It is faster, easier, and far more effective to tell a friend to 'enter 01232507 at' to encourage trying the Starbucks Mocha Lite Frappuccino coffee drink than it is to try to help someone properly spell Mocha Lite Frappuccino and hope they will remember it.

If the product web page is product-specific and has a unique web address (the importance of which is explained below), the web address will be lengthy and far too difficult to write down or remember. In this case, Bar Code Service is the ideal way to get people from a product directly to a content-specific web page about that product. Entering the bar code number in GOOGLE does not produce the expected web page since GOOGLE is not geared to launch specific web pages with unique bar code numbers as is.

A search in GOOGLE (or Yahoo!) for 'Starbucks Mocha Lite Frappuccino' does not produce the results you may expect, and that's assuming that everyone can properly spell Frappuccino (one 'p', one 'c', or two?) and realizes 'Lite' is not spelled 'Light'.

The fact is, that even if properly spelled, many searches in major search engines for brand name products do not produce the results expected.

This is not the fault of the search engines but instead due to the fact that there are many distributors and resellers of brand name products, and often their web pages come up first in the results (well above the brand owner's pages).

For example, I am not a distributor yet I wrote an article about a Bar Code Service application using Campbells cream of celery soup as an example since I like Campbells cream of celery soup.

At the time of this writing, if you search GOOGLE for 'Campbells cream of celery soup', the first result is the application article that I wrote, not Campbells... and the first Campbells result is well below it.

I mention this because searching and finding should be two different processes managed by two different systems. 

People search with GOOGLE for all the relevant results (plural) for a given search term. GOOGLE does this extremely well and is getting better all the time (which is why it has become the leader in search). has an opposite purpose... people use to find just one result (singular) which is the exact web page associated with the one unique search term (such as a bar code number) entered at

Surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly), brand name Sites or products often do not appear on the first pages of search results of GOOGLE at all depending on the term searched. This is not the fault of GOOGLE since a distributor or other Site page may be more relevant to the search term.

Even if the brand name Site can be found in a search, it still may not be possible to send a friend or associate a link to a product-specific web page.

Try searching for 'Moet Chandon White Star'.

Though may be the first result, you will not easily find the page about White Star... and to do so will require numerous clicks and choices - many more than most have the patience for. Once you do find the web page specifically about Moet Chandon White Star you will notice that its web address is the same as every other page on that part of the Site. 

Therefore (as much as I may love this product) I cannot even tell you the web page specific to Moet Chandon White Star without saying you "go to, then click the link 'VISIT MOET.COM (US)', then click the picture of the champagne bottle under the words 'discover our champagnes', then click 'White Star' on the list on the right of the picture on the next page, then mouse over the image of the bottle that slides out from the left, then mouse over the squares. Are you still with me? Probably not.

The web address of every page I just mentioned including the White Star page is exactly the same - - so I cannot even send you direct to a content-specific web page by phone or email or even with a link in this article (much less with a bar code number).

The 'every web page has the same address' problem is common to many web Sites, and surprisingly, many of premium brands.

This same 'not able to send direct to a product-specific page' problem occurs with and and and and countless others.

All great Sites, great companies, and great products, yet, no matter how much I may wish to, I cannot send a friend to a specific web page to see a specific product, or a specific offer, promotion, contest, sweepstakes, or other.

These Sites are beautiful and engaging, yet they do not enable content-specific results, and do not enable consumers to help promote specific products via word of mouth, email, or over the phone. They also do not enable the brand owners to do the same in any form of advertising, marketing or promotion.

While a brand marketer or promoter may feel that forcing a consumer to click through an entire Site to find a content-specific page increases overall brand impression and awareness, in reality, Internet users are an impatient bunch. I believe, more often than not, that Internet users click away from a Site before ever finding the product they seek.

The key to making Bar Code Service work is for the manufacturer or distributor to be let people know they can enter the bar code at (via whatever means they wish), and be sure the web page the bar code launches when entered at is content-specific, has a unique web address, and has the product information the consumer needs - what it is, where to buy it locally, and perhaps a promotional offer or other incentive.

The problem with unique web addresses is that they are far too long to write down and often far too complex to remember. Bar Code Service resolves this problem in a highly effective way.

Making Bar Code Service work is very simple, inexpensive, fast, and easy to set up and administrate.

A web page with a unique web address can be created in minutes. A bar code number can be registered to that unique web page through in minutes. From that point on, all the brand needs to do is promote the words 'enter the bar code number at', and maintain the web page this process launches.

By integrating Bar Code Service with other marketing and promotional efforts, brand marketers and promoters enable consumers (and brand marketers themselves) to promote brands (and products within brands) in a way never before possible via any other method.

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