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Buying Internet Keywords delivers guaranteed results in a proven keyword marketing program.
By Rob Cummings enables marketers and brand managers to buy Keywords that are guaranteed to work, and guaranteed to produce results.

Those who buy Internet keywords promote the Internet keywords offline to bring consumers from offline to specific pages online. 

keyword marketing may include word of mouth, or any media - newspaper, magazine, direct mail, radio, broadcast, network, or cable television. employs a proven system that works very much like a search engine, yet with no list of results to choose from.

The only result of a registered keyword entry at is the single web page associated with that specific and unique registered keyword, term or phrase.

When people 'enter the keyword at' they go direct to the web page associated with that unique keyword. Without any list of results, the web page the keyword is registered to instantly launches. keywords are entered in a search-engine style search box that Internet users are familiar with and feel comfortable using. recently activated the keyword 'wealth' for Equinaire.

Equinaire is promoting 'enter the keyword WEALTH at' on radio, in print promotion, and on Hummer H2 vehicle wraps. This is drawing traffic directly to This type of offline to online promotion is exactly the way has intended its keyword marketing solution to work.

While marketers, businesses and individuals spend thousands to buy keywords in the hope that people will enter these keywords and find the sponsored link, clients of simply promote their keyword offline with the phrase 'enter the keyword X at' as part of their marketing program. makes bringing people from offline to online direct and simple. Combined with a marketing program promoting the keyword, term or phrase, keyword marketing provides guaranteed results. enables marketers to buy unique Internet keywords that are entered in a search-engine type box.

Past Internet keyword systems that enabled marketers to buy Internet keywords failed for a number of reasons - the realnames/MSN system only worked when keywords were entered in the browser address bar (which few knew to do), and other address bar Internet keyword systems only worked if the user had downloaded a plug-in (which few cared to do). In the case of AOL keywords, AOL keywords work only for America Online subscribers. 

Address bar based Internet keyword systems gave keyword ownership an ominous reputation since these systems were ineffective. keyword ownership has always been effective at keywords work for anyone, anywhere, with any connection to the Internet.. has always employed 'search in a box' methodology and has never required any browser or machine modification whatsoever. When you buy a keyword, the keyword you buy works in any western language system worldwide. Numbers work in all languages.

About provides an offline-to-online marketing solution that enables businesses, or anyone marketing a service, product, or concept to register an Internet Keyword and use that Internet Keyword in any media form they choose. The system has been successfully bringing people from offline to content-specific web pages online since May of 1997.

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