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Read these examples and you'll quickly understand...

EXAMPLE 1. You sell a product, shampoo

You could send people to with your email address but why do that when your email could send people direct to a sales page people could never easily spell out, like

When people enter your email address at people will see the page above when they do - instantly.

EXAMPLE 2. You have a service, design

You specifically want to send people to a packaging design page on your site, not the home page since the home page has too many choices like

So you make your keyword page a page inside your site that would otherwise be hard for people to spell, like

People enter your email address at and see the page above - instantly.

EXAMPLE 3: You have a product on Amazon

Your email address could send people direct to a specific product page on Amazon, even if the url is really long and crazy like

People enter your email address at and see the page above - instantly.

EXAMPLE 4: You're a Real Estate Agent or Broker

Same as above, you could send people to a specific page on a realty or brokerage site that shows you or your listings only.

Get the idea now? is the bridge from offline to online.

Be creative and you'll think of many ways to use your email address to send people to specific web pages, youtube and other videos, or any page or file you choose.

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