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Internet keywords launch web pages - a direct offline to online marketing solution.

July 15, 2005 - Laguna Niguel, CA - People type a keyword into a search box at keyword.com, click 'GO', and this launches a web page that the marketer or brand manager has specified.

keyword.com provides marketers with a useful tool to bring people from offline to online - for information, instruction, customer service, advertising, marketing, promotion, brand awareness, contests, events, and for numerous other purposes.

In its straightforward simplicity, keyword.com Internet Keyword Service takes people from a keyword they saw or heard offline, directly to a content-related web page online - instantly - without any list of results to choose from.

You may see or hear the words "enter the keyword X at keyword.com" in various media and by word of mouth as brand managers and marketers promote the keyword or phrase they have registered with keyword.com.

keyword.com is particularly suited for domains that are difficult to spell. It is also a means to send people to pages deep inside Sites that have long and difficult to remember URLs. It has significant value in last-minute promotion where search engine optimization and/or PPC is not viable while it is particularly strong in competitive markets.

According to Rob Cummings, "we recently separated the search from the find functions. With the search function (now provided by Google), and the find function separated by Internet Keyword, Bar Code, and Phone Number, we can offer marketers and brand managers direct-to-content, direct to web page generic keywords that were previously unavailable. This is why, for example, the keyword 'wealth' is now available on our system. This generic keyword availability opens up a world of opportunities for offline to online Internet marketing."

keyword.com remains privately held and owned by its founder, Rob Cummings, who also owns Cummings Design, a business consulting, development, marketing, and branding firm that focuses on improving businesses in all aspects offline and online.

keyword.com has been reliably providing this very same Internet keyword service since it launched in May of 1997.

For more information visit keyword.com, contact keyword.com or call Rob Cummings direct at 949-249-2519.

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