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keyword.com keyword 'wealth' takes people direct to Equinaire.

July 18, 2005 - Laguna Niguel, CA - People type the keyword 'wealth' into a search box at keyword.com, click 'GO', and go straight to the equinaire.com website.

Realizing that 'equinaire’ is a great term to define what the wealth-building company does, yet difficult to spell, Equinaire chose keyword.com to enable its offline-to-online promotion.

Equinaire is airing radio spots in the Southern California market, and supporting its marketing efforts with a targeted direct mail campaign.

The tag at the end of the radio spots gives people two options:

To get more information about this amazing opportunity please call 1-877-97-WEALTH. That's 1-877-97-W-E-A-L-T-H. Or go to "keyword.com" and type keyword "WEALTH" (W-E-A-L-T-H). Once again, that's 1-877-97-WEALTH, or visit "www.keyword.com" and type keyword "WEALTH." Learn how to start generating wealth in real estate today. Take action now!! Call 1-877-97-WEALTH, or "keyword.com" keyword "WEALTH." 

To listen to the radio spot in Windows Media Player,
click here.

About Equinaire:
Equinaire, Inc. is a one-stop solution that enables homeowners to utilize
their equity to increase their wealth. They refinance an existing property,
invest the proceeds into an investment property, renovate it to turnkey
condition, manage the property, and build a personalized website to track
their progress towards becoming a millionaire.

About keyword.com:
Keyword.com provides an offline-to-online marketing solution that enables businesses, or anyone marketing a service, product, or concept to register an Internet Keyword and use that Internet Keyword in any media form they choose.

For more information visit keyword.com, contact keyword.com, or call Rob Cummings direct at 949-249-2519.

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