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September 12, 1997
By Rob Cummings

What's Next? SuperKeywords?
A SuperKeyword at instantly sends people to a specific web page without the URL. 

Why would a Site want a SuperKeyword?  

To use it in cases where URLs are too difficult to remember, namely by word-of-mouth, over the phone, direct mail, and in radio and television advertising.  

SuperKeywords provide Sites with an alternative to the actual Internet address (the URL).

SuperKeywords are entered at the same way a user enters search phrases or keywords (in a search engine search box).

When entered, if the SuperKeyword is registered at, the user is immediately sent to the web page associated with that SuperKeyword.

If the keyword or phrase entered is not a SuperKeyword, the system instantly searches MetaCrawler (just like a normal search engine except that MetaCrawler provides the results of a number of search engines all at one time).

Similar to the way 1-800-KEYWORD is an easier-to-remember alternative to the actual telephone number, SuperKeywords enable people to say or print "Enter [my SuperKeyword] at" to send users to their Internet pages directly.

Site owners create their own SuperKeyword and register it to any web page they choose. SuperKeyword registration is based on a set of rules developed by's SuperKeyword rules insure that registered SuperKeywords are relevant to the result and do not conflict with normal searches. For example, a Ford dealer in Encino would need to register 'Ford Dealer Encino' as its SuperKeyword rather than 'Ford' alone. The reason is that 'Ford' alone might be The Ford Motor Company or The Ford Modeling Agency.'s primary goal is to deliver relevant results, especially since entering the registered SuperKeyword and clicking 'GO' at sends users direct to the web page (without a list of results like a search engine).

Superkeywords are free and remain active as long as the registrant adds a small mini-banner to the web page the Superkeyword is assigned to and associated with. 

Rob Cummings, owner of and creator of the concept believes "The Internet needs an alternative way to send people to specific web pages. In some cases, even the URL of the home page may be difficult to spell out and remember."

About web navigation, Rob said "Specific web pages - sub-pages within Sites - seem to be where most users would prefer to go directly to, instead of having to navigate from the home page. These sub-pages are especially difficult to access since they typically contain lots of dots and slashes."

Back to the subject of SuperKeywords, Rob "I believe people will quickly tire of having to land on a home page and then click their way in the hopes of finding the page they seek In addition, over the phone it takes far too long to explain to another how to get to a specific page over the phone even if it does have the dots and slashes. The problem is more acute in cases where all pages have the same page name and the only way to tell another is by 'click by click' instruction. SuperKeywords provide a simpler, more memorable alternative which works for all internet users in all browsers worldwide. For the reasons I mentioned, we feel that every web page should have a unique page name - with or without Superkeywords.".  

SuperKeywords currently work with all western encoded keyboards in English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

The SuperKeyword service, free to all internet users, enables anyone with a Site on the internet to choose a name, number or slogan, register it to their own web page, and promote their SuperKeyword any way they wish.

In addition, SuperKeywords don't necessarily have to send users to the main page on a Site and would prefer they did not. SuperKeywords can also be registered to send people to sub-pages (those pages with all the dots and slashes}.

This means a site could register a SuperKeyword about a Special Event or Product, for instance, and people entering that SuperKeyword at would be sent directly to the Special Event or Product page on the site, bypassing the main page.

If people enter a SuperKeyword that has not yet been registered, automatically lets them search all the popular search engines with a single entry.

SuperKeywords can go to the home page of frames-based Sites but cannot go to sub-pages - and likely will never be able to. On this subject, Rob commented: "I simply do not understand the purpose or value of frames-based web Sites. The way these Sites are designed, the sub-pages do not use a unique and specific URL for each page which causes every frames-based web page to have exactly the same name."

Rob continued, "when every web page has the exact same name [same URL web address], it makes it impossible to send others to any specific pages by any means - email, phone or SuperKeyword. This seems highly unproductive."

Rob went on to say "the only way people can find pages on web Sites where every page has the same URL address is by wading through from the home page. The only way others can tell people how to get to these 'same named' pages - if they have the time and energy to sit on the phone or type it out - is the 'click-by-click' method, where each and every step one must take to venture in from the home page must be communicated. For frames-based Sites has no solution other than to create non-frames-based Sites, where each page - or at least the critical pages - have a unique URL address."

The system is proprietary and was created as a result of the vision Rob Cummings had for a new way to navigate the Internet.

Designed to insure there could never be duplication of any registered SuperKeyword, one of the main features of the proprietary system is that it requires absolutely no web browser modification or 'plug-in' to function. Therefore, works with any computer with access to the world wide web using any browser. In terms of handling numbers, where there is no language barrier, numbers will work anywhere in the world.

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