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Excerpted From the LA Times Business Section - July 28,1997

The Inimitable Web Site  
By P.J. HUFFSTUTTER, Times Staff Writer 

A fan of British rock act the Cure wants to check out the band's site on the World Wide Web. Not the one developed by the record label or hundreds of others created by fellow admirers. He wants the official Cure site, the one spawned out of singer Robert Smith's Powerbook and maintained from the back of the musician's tour bus.  

So the fan goes to an online search engine--say, Yahoo!--and punches in the band's name. The result- 227 sites to wade through before stumbling across  

In May (of 1997), advertising executive Rob Cummings launched Keyword.Com based on a seemingly obvious concept. Instead of advertising a long, complicated address, companies can register a certain phrase with Keyword.Com and use it to jump people directly to their site.  

With the rock band example, singer Smith could stop by Keyword.Com and--for FREE--register certain terms. "The Cure" could link to the band's homemade front door. And "Smith" could jump to the performer's electronic library.  

Experts say the Keyword concept could work for companies  looking for additional ways to draw traffic. 

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