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May 8, 1998 is for people whose websites are lumbered with those complicated addresses (URLs). The SuperKeyword system, this American firm claim, allows you to name your website (or any part of it) with a single word or slogan, which you make up.

As an example, they give a cigar-lover's web address: But the SuperKeyword could be just simply 'World's finest cigars'. People looking for your site would just tap in 'World's finest cigars' at".

You don't need special software - and there is no charge. Just register your chosen identity word with, then make sure that the people who matter to you know what it is. They don't even need to be masters of the keyboard, either. promises that however ham-fisted the yOu tYpe the sUperKeyWord iN, it will whizz the seeker straight to the right place.

SuperKeywords work in all western languages worldwide and require no software,' says

Sounds almost too good to be true. Why not try it?

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