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Search engine optimization -
how to get top search engine position.

By Rob Cummings
Cummings Design

How Sites get top search engine position and how those with top search engine ranking do not pay for it.

In the next 10 pages, I will explain how you can achieve top non-paid, non-sponsored search engine results and appear in the first pages of search results.

I will also explain why non-paid results are the results you want, demystify many of the myths about how and why Sites and pages achieve high position, and explain how your Site can appear at or near the top of search engine rankings the real way - without silly top position tricks that can be risky and do not really work for the long term anyway.

This 10 page article will help you to learn how to 'think' about search engine optimization, but cannot tell you specifically how to do it since each case is different.

Do Sites pay for top results? No, this is a myth.

You likely have many preconceptions about how and why some pages appear higher in the search results than others.

Please toss out all preconceptions as you read the next 10 pages.

How and why Sites achieve top search engine position will make so much sense that you may be amazed that you had not realized this, yet I am about to uncover the mystery.

Once you understand search engine optimization, the basic concept of obtaining top search position is fairly simple and is an approach and technique you can learn and apply.

Search engine optimization (SEO) describes the general procedure that enables Sites and pages to achieve top non-paid search engine ranking and position.

On the most basic level, SEO can be thought of as search engine compatibility or creating Sites and pages that are compatible with the way search engines work.

Many names for the same result - top position.

No matter what you call it, top keyword page ranking, top Internet search engine position, top web result ranking, first page web results, leading web results, top web results position, top position, high page ranking, (or any other variation), the reason that pages appear high or at the top of search results is a result of search engine optimization. Top search position cannot be bought though it can be achieved - in many cases fairly easily once you understand how.

Many Sites (perhaps most) are not search engine friendly or search engine compatible and therefore do not appear in the first pages of results - sometimes they do not appear on any page of results.

Apply fundamentals, appear much higher.

If just the basic fundamentals of search engine optimization were applied, nearly all Sites and pages would see a jump in their page rankings in search engine results based on related keywords and search terms and phrases.

For many writers and designers and web developers, even leading professionals, the basics of SEO are difficult to comprehend (or believe), which is why I wrote this article about how to appear in the top of the search results, how SEO works, and why SEO works.

Search engines reward pages with top position.

Search engines reward those Sites and pages that understand proper search engine optimization and this is why some pages appear far higher than others in the search results.

Search engines penalize other pages or worse.

Search engines penalize those that do not understand search engine optimization at all, as well as those who use keywords, phrases and search terms that are not relevant to the content of the pages they appear on.

There's more to appearing at the top or first pages of search engine results with relevant keywords and search phrases and it will be explained.

Basic SEO technique.

At the basic level, Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that can be quite easily learned. It does require a combination of writing, web design and marketing skills, along with an understanding of how search engines work and why they exist.

The technique involves far more common sense than technical skill, and, though genius helps, genius is not a requirement for search engine optimization.

SEO involves creative thinking, market-driven strategy, and a knack for understanding your business, your market, your industry, your competition (both direct and indirect), and other factors - in particular what those seeking your products and services are actually searching for.

Developing the right list of keywords, terms, and search phrases is the first step. Weaving these into your pages in normal sentence structure is the second step. However, even if you do all these things, you may get traffic to your Site yet still not make sales. The most important part of all of this is to provide content that is relevant to what the visitors to your Site seek - which goes back to having a thorough understanding of your customers and your market.

More advanced SEO methods and strategy.

At the more advanced level, SEO involves concepts and solutions that go well beyond the basics and cater to your clientele at the same time.

You can forget about the advanced level of search engine optimization for now, yet this article will touch on it.

Basic search engine optimization is fairly simple, yet you need to understand fundamental SEO concepts.

To understand how Sites appear in the top of the search engine results and how search engine optimization can improve page and Site ranking and position, you need to know more about how and why search engines work, which will be explained.

Step by step, this article will help you determine the keywords and search phrases and terms you will need to use to achieve top search engine results, and how you might use them.

A few top position myths: 

Myth #1. Pages pay for top position.
Sites and web pages that appear at the top of the non-paid, non-sponsored results and rank high, at the top, or on the first pages do not pay for position.

Myth #2. People with top ranked pages have an 'in'.
No one has an 'in' with the people at the search engines.

Myth #3. You can trick the search engines.
Never, (at least not for very long and it's a very bad idea). Search engines are businesses that rely on relevant results and they will do everything they can to avoid you being able to trick them into displaying your pages as top results. Anyone who claims they can trick the search engines is mistaken and leading you down a path to de-listing.

However, since search engines rely on relevant results, you can help the search engines by writing and designing relevant pages, by learning more about them, and by learning about search engine optimization.

Understanding SEO will enable you to create pages that appear higher if not on the first page of search results, and maintain that position and ranking.

Creating Sites and web pages for the search engines, and for the way search engines work, and for the way users work with search engines, is what search engine optimization is all about.

It may make more sense and be easier for you to think about basic SEO (from a Site and page perspective) as search engine compatibility or creating pages that are 'friendly' to the way search engines work and the service search engines provide to their users. This is what I am going to try to explain.

With a better understanding of how and why search engines work, and how and why people use search engines, you will be able to create and maintain web pages that will appear at (or near) the top of the search engine results and do so in a professional manner.

The following 10 pages will explain how you can help your Site and pages appear in the top of search engine results, on the first and/or second pages (the ones that count).

You want your pages to appear in the real search results and one way to learn how to get top position is to read this 10 page article.

By reading the next 10 pages, you will understand much more about how to get top search engine position and ranking, and how to maintain it.

Why do some pages appear much higher in search engine results and have much higher ranking and position than others if they are not paying for it?

Learn more.

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This is a 10-page step by step article and tutorial helping you learn about how Sites achieve top non-paid search engines results, ranking and position.


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