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Search engine optimization -
how to get top search engine position.

By Rob Cummings

People search in
search engines to find
products and services.

Your business could
grow tremendously if
only it could be found.

Why do some pages appear much higher in search engine results and have much higher ranking and position than others if they are not paying for it?

The answer is because these Sites and pages are search engine optimized.

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about search engines, I strongly urge you to read every page of this 10 page article on achieving top search engine ranking.

Search engines have changed over the years (and will continue to change), yet the basic concept of the search results they deliver has not changed, and unless every major search engine lists only Sites that pay for position (highly unlikely), my search engine optimization methods will not change and not be affected by changes made by the major search engines (the ones you want to have top ranking in).

Please read on.

Chances are good that you would not find or be reading this article if it were not for search engine optimization.

Without SEO, I would have had to do exactly what most companies are now doing to find new prospects...

...I would find you through other means (offline), determine that you were interested in search engine optimization, and try to find a way to contact you. Then, I would have to tell you how to get to this page to learn more about me, more about search engine optimization, and more about how your Site and pages can appear higher up in search engine results and rankings.

I might not even get to step one if you did not know what search engine optimization was or was called, or if I was not referred to you, or if you did not understand the benefits of ranking high and obtaining first page search engine results for your Site, or if you simply had no interest at the time.

I would have to make a great deal of effort in finding you in the first place, and then convincing you that you had a need for search engine optimization, its features and benefits, and that I am qualified, and that I am the right search engine optimization expert to do the SEO work for you.

Sounds like a lot of work to make a simple sale right?

And, after all that effort in trying to develop you as a customer, you still might not be 100% convinced that search engine optimization will work or that I am the right guy to do it for you.

Unfortunately, even if they have a web presence, many companies in all industries lack visibility. Lack of search engine optimization is the reason.

Without search engine visibility, these companies and individuals 'chase' prospects rather than have interested prospects come to them.

On the other hand, if prospects interested in your products and services find you as a result of first or second page search engine position, these are prospects that already are qualified, want more information, and are much more likely to buy.

In addition, if your web Site explains you and your products and services, prospects are able to determine if you are more qualified than your competitors. However, if prospects that you do not currently know never find you as a result of high search engine ranking and visibility, they can't contact you.

This may make a great deal of sense to you, but then why are so few Sites effectively search engine optimized and why are your competitors appearing in the top of the search results?

Achieving greater visibility on the Internet is the reason that you want to read this entire 10 page article on search engine optimization so you can understand how Sites achieve top search engine position and ranking, and how the Internet has become a primary tool for both research and business development.

Appearing in the first pages of search results has obvious benefits but not all the benefits are so obvious.

If your Site is in the first pages of search engine results (based on search terms potential customers would use to find your products and services - explained later), it is more than likely that these prospects who find your Site and pages will choose to work with your company - or at least find out more about your offerings.

Basic to all business development, when prospects find out more about your company, its products and services, these prospective customers become 'informed prospects'.

This may be obvious, yet so many Sites lack the information needed to create an 'informed prospect' and the companies behind them rely on costly brochures and direct mail and trade shows and advertising and other promotion before and even when a prospect contacts them. This is slow, inefficient, and in the case of using advertising and promotion to obtain new business, it can be difficult to target the right prospects.

On the Internet and with a Site that appears at or near the top of relevant results, the right prospects find you! If you take this a step further, not only do prospects click on your Site that appears high in the search results, but also learn nearly all they need to know about you - without advertising, promotion, and without time wasted on the phone explaining your products and services. However, if you do not appear high in the search results and if you do not employ specific search engine optimization techniques, your Site and pages are not easily found and do not appear as the first results.

Over the years I have developed a proven and time-tested search engine optimization technique that achieves top search engine ranking and position while offering prospective customers more and better information that they need to make an informed buying decision. Informed buyers are more anxious to buy and more knowledgeable so the sales process is faster and easier for all concerned.

My search engine optimization technique combines very 'safe' search engine optimization methodology (that will not cause pages to be blacklisted) with competitive strategy and marketing as well as branding and other features. My technique also streamlines operations and procedures.

Back to the basics regarding how Sites achieve top search engine ranking and position...

Search engine optimization makes it easier for the automated tools of the search engines to understand the content of your web pages and index your web pages in the search engine directories and indexes. However, the content needs to exist in order to be indexed and there are certain rules and procedures you need to follow to let the spiders and robots and crawlers in.

Search engine optimization involves creating Sites and pages that are compatible with the ways that search engines work.

Search engine optimization technique is not highly technical... it simply makes sense though it takes a little while to understand and sink in.

Please read on to learn more.

First you need to understand your market to begin the process of search engine optimization.

Since users and potential prospects enter a variety of keywords and search terms to find Sites, a professional search engine optimization consultant or expert like myself will help you to assess what these keywords and search phrases might be. This seems simple yet may be slightly more involved than you think. Read further and this will be explained.

Before I get to the next step, please read the following:

Why isn't your Site listed in the search engine results or at the top of search engine results or ranking?

The reason other Sites appear at the top of non-paid, non-sponsored search engine results is not because the other Sites paid for top search engine position and ranking.

Nearly every major search engine identifies and separates its paid links from its 'real' results. The real results are therefore just that - real. Search engines separate real results from paid results to remain credible with the searchers they serve.

Most web developers, writers and web designers simply do not understand search engine optimization which is why your Site may not be listed in the search engine results or have top search engine ranking.

There is no real school of search engine optimization and no real search engine optimization college degree program. Even if there were an SEO degree, it would be unnecessary as long as you understand search engine optimization, how search engines work, and how your prospects think, which is what you will learn by reading this.

Since so many misunderstand search engine optimization and how Sites achieve top ranking, a great many Sites are not fully compatible with the search engines or not search engine friendly at all. By not applying search engine optimization fundamentals, Sites and pages are not indexed properly. It's amazing how many Sites and businesses in numerous industries unnecessarily suffer from poor search engine rankings and position.

Once the fundamentals of search engine optimization are understood, search engine optimizing your Site becomes as second nature as riding a bike. Once you learn how to pedal and balance it's fairly easy to ride a bike. Before you learn there are lots of scraped knees. This 10 page article will help you avoid mistakes and be well on the way to getting your Site and pages in the top search engine results while growing your business and helping with business development.

The following pages will explain the fundamentals of search engine optimization in a step by step manner.

If you truly wish to understand search engine optimization and how to get top search engine position, I suggest you read all 10 pages carefully.

If you wish, learn more now about my search engine optimization report and analysis which reveals my techniques and is specific to your business, your market, and your industry.

Understanding how search engines work is the way to understand search engine optimization.

For the search engines to 'see' your web pages, your pages have to be written and designed with the search engines and search engine optimization in mind.

Writing and designing web pages for the search engines is the basis of search engine optimization.

Always keep in mind that major search engines want and need to deliver relevant non-paid results. These are the 'A' list of results that are non-paid and non-sponsored and appear at the top of the non-paid search results pages. These non-paid and non-sponsored results are the results you want, even if you choose to pay for listings. Non-paid results have far greater value to your business than paid listings.

Search engine optimization, done properly and ethically, helps the search engines to deliver the relevant results the search engines depend on to keep their users satisfied.

GOOGLE became the #1 search tool as a result of providing users with relevant results. Most savvy Internet users search with GOOGLE (or YAHOO) since they know the results are true and real and not sponsored or paid for and they will find what they seek.

My method involves an advanced form of search engine optimization that achieves other objectives at the same time that it delivers top search engine results. My entire method cannot be revealed here since it is industry and market-specific and specific to your particular business or service. However, reading this 10 page article will help you learn about nearly all aspects of search engine optimization basics and more, and provide a very good perspective on professional SEO techniques. If you wish to learn more about receiving my Report, please click here.

Please read on.

Search engine optimization is not a 'trick' and any trick can result in complete de-listing.
There are no longer any tricks to outsmart the search engines since the search engines need to provide relevant results to stay in business. Therefore, search engines will not allow you to trick them, at least not for long.

Instead, professional search engine optimization is a technique and method that you can learn and apply in a sensible and logical manner with an understanding of how search engines work.

Numerous search engine optimization companies, self-proclaimed professionals, and SEO experts have sprung up and can be found all over the Internet. The quality and dependability of these varies tremendously from great to poor to dangerous.

The techniques recommended or applied by a search engine optimization advisor or consultant can differ greatly and their methods can cause more harm than good.

In the worst case, unethical and poorly conceived search engine optimization 'tricks' can cause your Site and all pages on it to be entirely de-listed or blacklisted and not be seen on the search engine at all! This will be explained later.

Let's first understand the search engines and why search engine optimization can work.

Relevant search results keep the major search engines popular, and in business. They live for traffic.
You (and practically everyone else) would stop using a search engine (and switch to another) if the search results were not relevant and did not provide you with accurate results and information based on your search terms and search phrases you entered. This being the case, the old methods and techniques of search engine optimization and early Internet no longer work and fewer continue to work every day. Why? The search engines are placing far more emphasis on delivering relevant results than ever before. They have developed (and continue to develop) better ways to over-ride older and unscrupulous search engine optimization techniques and eliminate Sites from achieving top search engine positioning on their results pages that do not belong on the first pages of results and which are not relevant to the search.

Your web Site must work the way search engines work.
Search engines want relevant information they can provide as a result of real, non-paid searches. I cannot stress relevancy and appropriate content enough in helping you to think about search engine optimization and how to think about SEO. Forget about tricking the search engines forever.

The good news is that writing and designing for the search engines and performing highly effective search engine optimization provides you with informed prospective buyers and helps you appear in the first pages of search results. Top ranking is earned as a result of effort and time and careful thinking and it is rewarded with long term high search engine ranking and positioning.

By enhancing the content of your Site through my proven and time tested technique of search engine optimization, you make your Site easier for potential customers to learn about your products or services. If you wish, learn more now about my search engine optimization report.

Making it easier for prospects to learn about your offerings creates 'informed prospects' who are already knowledgeable about your products and/or services and 'pre-sold'.

My safe and proven search engine optimization technique makes selling - and many other aspects of operations - faster and easier, saving you and your staff a great deal of time, money and effort while at the same time you get top search engine position plus your entire operation runs smoother and is more streamlined. Learn more.

Please read on.

The bad news is that the old search engine optimization tricks no longer work and not all search engine optimization professionals or experts are aware that the old tricks of SEO no longer work which creates problems for both new and existing Sites.

It has become increasingly difficult to identify the good and qualified search engine optimization expert or professional from the bad - or to know if someone involved in developing your web employed an outdated technique of the past that is now penalizing your Site's ranking.

However, if any search engine optimization consultant 'promises the world' or offers a 100% guarantee of top search engine ranking or position forever, they surely fall into the category of 'the bad', are risky, and should be completely avoided.

There is no 'magic' pill, program or tricky code to achieve top search engine ranking and position or to perform professional search engine optimization.

As you will read, my search engine optimization technique involves research, followed by analysis, and the writing and designing of content-rich pages that offer information of value.

After this, I assemble information of value to prospects in a way your customers and the search engines will understand it.

Many may stop reading here; thinking that this SEO thing is too hard and high search engine ranking will cost too much and take too much time. It really won't, and the benefits of a properly search engine optimized Site are far greater than top search engine position alone.

The bad news is actually good news because it means the Internet is coming of age, the major search engines like GOOGLE and YAHOO are providing more relevant results which makes the Internet even more useful, and more people are using the Internet than ever before for business, research, and sourcing vendors. As a business development tool with nationwide and worldwide reach, no other media investment can compare.

The algorithms and techniques the search engines continue to change in order to stay one step ahead and remain competitive are what makes old search engine optimization 'tricks' no longer functional, though these changes also make true search engine optimization work even more effectively.

The better news is that so few Sites are properly search engine optimized that there is tremendous opportunity for those willing to make the investment in search engine optimization. Sites that invest in proper SEO often achieve top search engine ranking and results - and better yet, maintain their top search result positions for long periods of time. One aspect search engines continue to weigh to varying degrees in their algorithm is Site and page popularity (though this is not the primary factor and many smaller and far less 'popular' Sites achieve top web search results).

My search engine optimization report typically provides viable suggestions and recommendations on how you can increase the popularity of your Site and pages and make them more useful for visitors. Learn more.

The best news is that Internet Users today are typically sophisticated, not concerned about geographic location, want to move quickly, and have financial resources, budgets, and money to spend.

Therefore, investing in the Internet and in search engine optimization results in a higher caliber of new customer who is able to find you, your Site and pages on your Site - rather than have you find them and 'hope' they need your products and services. This net result is in a better overall demographic of new customers than ever before - customers that you may have not been aware of or knew to target.

New prospects and business development are major benefits of proper and ethical search engine optimization.

The Internet and search engine optimization should be an integral aspect of any business development plan since the Internet is one of the very few media options that draws unsolicited (and often previously unknown) prospects.

All other forms of marketing - advertising, direct mail, trade shows - involve targeting the prospective buyer and knowing who that prospective buyer is (normally by name).

A search engine optimized web Site delivers prospects that your company likely is not even aware of and in industries or geographic locations you may not have even considered.

My clients come from across the U.S. and in other countries, and when they do contact me they know a great deal about me and are ready to work with me. The reason is entirely because of search engine optimization and my technique. I do no other form of advertising or promotion or networking. Learn more about me.

Better yet, since those who find my web Site are on the Internet, I rarely pay for or receive phone calls. Instead, we communicate by email. This allows me to make better use of my time, time shift and easily work with clients in different time zones, and work with clients everywhere without paying high phone bills. ~rob.

Large companies have been slow to realize the advantages of search engine optimization.

This is why very small companies in remote areas that make the investment in search engine optimization are getting exceptional search engine rankings, position, and  results, and the type of new business they never thought possible.

Search engine optimization is also why you are finding these smaller companies' position and rankings in searches far above many of the larger companies.

Most Sites (even those of large corporations) were not built on a strong foundation to begin with.

It's fairly easy and inexpensive to get some text and images to appear on a web screen and make it look decent or even quite impressive. This may be the reason that many Sites appear so low in the web results.

Many do not do the necessary research and analysis and then develop a search engine optimized Site that will appear on the first page of major search engine results. Most Sites did not include search engine optimization in their initial strategy. They thought that simply creating a web Site and therefore having a web presence was all they needed to do. This is true, almost.

Search engine optimization takes slightly more time and effort than creating a simple online brochure or one page Site, yet not much more once you understand SEO and apply it.

The more you understand about search engine optimization, the easier applying SEO techniques becomes.

Learn more about how my report on achieving top web position, how it will get you and your staff off to a great start, and how your designers, writers and IT people can begin implementing SEO techniques right away.

There is no magic program or 'quick fix' SEO software you can buy to make search engine optimization or top page ranking happen, and if anyone tells you they have a magic search engine optimization solution, they are misled.

Some software or online tools may help, yet they will not help before you understand the basics of SEO and why certain things are done the way they are.

To make your Site search engine optimized, a few key people are going to have to roll up their sleeves and do a little work that should have been done in the very beginning if you expect to ever achieve top search engine ranking and results for the short and long term.

My SEO report will help your key people - designers, web developers, writers, IT people - know what needs to be done to make your Site appear higher in the results as soon as they read it. Please learn more.

In the last few years the Internet has matured and so has the technique required to obtain top search engine ranking and results.
You can still achieve top search engine ranking though it now takes a little more work and definitely an understanding of how search engines work.

Search engine optimization used to be very easy - you simply repeated your keywords over and over and back to back, or hid them, or used other silly tricks that all search engines now penalize for or de-list your Site and pages as a result.

Today, your Site has to be slightly more sophisticated and robust - not technically - but in the quality of information you provide and the way the information is presented.

This type of search engine optimization based on my technique results in a better and more effective web Site from many perspectives and in many aspects.

My report will explain how you can make your Site more clear to prospects and more visible in the search results at the same time.

The old tricks don't work any more.
For the most part, one page Sites no longer are sufficient to achieve top position (unless your business is extremely unique, and even so, your Site still needs to incorporate basic search engine optimization principals).

Internet Users (and in particular new prospective customers) want more relevant information from Sites. Fortunately the search engines want more relevant and useful Sites too. This is why professional SEO works and should continue to.

From a search engine perspective, one page Sites and simple online brochures do not incorporate enough of the search engine optimization fundamentals to be appropriately indexed and achieve top search result positioning.

However, a properly search engine optimized 5-page Site can do just fine in achieving top search engine results and can easily appear at the top of web search results.

'Submit to 100's of search engines and directories' software doesn't really work.
Submitting to hundreds of search engines doesn't work because only a select few even matter.

How many search engines do you use? 1 maybe 2?

For the most part, GOOGLE and YAHOO and perhaps a few industry-specific directories are the only search engines you need to be concerned about.

Also, each search engine has its own submission policies and therefore these online services claiming they will submit your Site to every search engine and directory in the world are not recommended.

Risky SEO techniques should be avoided altogether.
Tricky code doesn't work to outsmart the search engines any longer since that search engine optimization technique now causes Sites to be de-listed altogether. Search engines are doing everything they can to avoid being 'outsmarted' and are successfully eliminating many Sites.

Buy my report and you will understand all of the safe, time tested, and proven techniques and methods you can use to achieve top search engine ranking and position without risking de-listing.

Link farms, ghost pages, color on same color keyword text, and other 'old tricks' will likely result in getting your Site de-listed altogether as well.

Search engines got smarter, and to effectively perform search engine optimization, Sites need to employ better and smarter search engine optimization techniques and methods as well.

The following pages will explain many search engine optimization strategies that do work, and are safe, sensible, and will help you achieve top results. 

Read more. Learn how and why search engine optimization works - without paying anything.

The first step to get you on the way to effective SEO is explained on the next page.

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