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Search engine optimization -
how to get top search engine position.

By Rob Cummings

Search engine optimization is a technique that works every time.

My technique also
provides greater
benefits for your
staff and operations.

The first step to making your Site work for the search engines is to develop a list of relevant keywords and phrases.

The first step to helping the search engines properly see and index your pages is creating a search engine optimization list of keywords, phrases, and search terms.

This list you develop is the first step and the key to search engine optimization.

Your list should include every possible keyword people would use to find your Site, its products and services - in order of importance - most important, relatively important, least important.

This list should contain words or phrases directly associated with your products and services. When developing your search engine optimization list, think of the keywords and search phrases that typical prospects might use. Consider the fact that these search terms and phrases you add to your search engine optimization list may not all be industry terms but also might be more common words and phrases.

If your Site contains pages with varying 'content' because you offer a variety of products and/or services, you may want to develop a search engine optimization list of keywords and phrases for each page on your Site (rather than the Site as a whole). All of this will make more sense once I explain search engine optimization in greater detail.

Remember that I stressed that top page ranking and top search engine results are a result of relevancy to the content of each page?

Remember that I already discussed that major search engines depend on relevant content to deliver relevant results?

You MUST use content-related keywords and phrases prospects might search for in writing or refining your pages for proper search engine optimization (SEO) to work.

To know the keywords people are actually entering to find your Site, its products and services, I highly recommend using what many professionals use - WordTracker. You might try the WordTracker free trial, or you may choose to subscribe for a day or a week. The cost is minimal.

WordTracker tracks all the most-entered keywords and phrases associated with your business while it suggests others to add to your list. These keywords and phrases are what you need to get started with search engine optimization.

To help you start thinking about the right keywords, search terms and phrases, you might want to try the Overture keyword and search term suggestion tool. It's free and fast though not nearly as good, and, I feel, not as accurate as WordTracker.

Once you have developed your list of keywords and phrases, please learn more about search engine optimization by clicking 'read more' at the bottom of this page.

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