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Search engine optimization -
how to get top search engine position.

By Rob Cummings

The right keywords
and search phrases
are critical to search
engine optimization.

The following pages contain more about search engines and search engine optimization that will help you understand SEO whether or not you choose to contact me and buy my SEO report specific to your Site and industry and market.

All search engines use some combination
of algorithms and human review to determine search engine ranking in the results.

These algorithms and procedures help the search engines deter unethical search engine optimization techniques that would result in pages appearing at the top of the search engine results that are not relevant to the content of the page (and therefore not what the user of the search engine was searching for).

The goal and objective of all major search engines is to deliver relevant and useful results. To achieve this goal, search engines do their very best to weed out results that are not what the searcher was seeking.

Search engine results (and the methodologies behind them) attempt to rank pages near the top of the results based on relevance to the keywords searched along with the page content. This is first done automatically, and later, often but not always, by human review.

Search engine optimization, if done properly, helps the search engines' automated robots and spiders and crawlers to 'read' and 'see' pages, determine how relevant the content is, and index Sites and pages in the search engine's directories and indexes for searchers to easily find.

This sounds easier than it actually is - and search engines are continuously updating their algorithms and methods to improve the quality of search results that appear high or at the top of search result pages.

The most relevant web pages and Sites should get top search engine ranking and should appear as top search engine results. Most often they do except...
...you have certainly seen search results where the top search engine result is not the most relevant or expected result.

How and why do some smaller Sites achieve higher or top search engine ranking in the results? Are they paying for these top results?

No. The reason that these smaller Sites appear at the top or high in the search engine results or rankings is because they have done a better job of search engine optimization, which will be explained further as you read on.

After the burst of the Internet bubble, many Sites reduced budgets for web development and the companies behind them placed much less importance on web development as well as search engine optimization.

Why do some Sites appear first in search results and others do not appear at all?
Sites that understand the value of having a Site and pages that are easily found with a number of search terms, and utilize effective and proven search engine optimization techniques design for the search engines.

They maintain their effort in web development and in search engine optimization which is how they are able to appear in the top results of search engine searches month after month and year after year.

Search engine optimization works almost immediately (2-8 weeks typically even for a Site that is brand new) yet SEO should be considered an ongoing effort. This too will be explained in pages that follow.

Many Sites are 'invisible' to search engines. Is yours?
A Site that is 'invisible' to the search engine robots, crawlers and spiders will not be indexed in the search engines and therefore will not appear - or only the home page will appear and not any of the other pages.

You can contact me for my search engine optimization report and analysis.

If your Site or pages are 'invisible', the report will explain why and what can be done to get the search engines to 'see' your Site and all of its pages.

These unintentionally 'invisible' Sites are not search engine optimized and worse yet, not even search engine friendly!

An extraordinary number of Sites I see on the Internet every day (many of the largest and those with highly impressive interfaces and graphics) look great yet their pages (content) are not visible to the search engines and therefore no one finds them in a search.

This 'invisibility' problem is likely the main reason you will want to buy my report though it will offer a great deal of other valuable information, solutions and recommendations to achieve top web position.

Not being found means losing business.
Sites and pages that are 'invisible' never get indexed by the search engines or are not fully indexed.

People never find or see the pages (especially the important sub-pages inside the Site) unless they are directed to them by offline media or, in other words, by being told to go to the Site and click specific links.

Not only is this costly but it also unnecessarily eliminates many prospects that you are simply unaware of and therefore not targeting in your business development and marketing efforts.

If the only prospects who find your Site already know your company, your Site is not working effectively and is essentially an online brochure. Your Site could be bringing in much more business if you invested the time and effort to learn more about search engine optimization.

To many busy marketing directors and executives, if they search for their own company name and find their own Site, they are misled into thinking that their Site is a success.

A successful Site attracts new prospects and prospects that your company is not necessarily aware of or specifically targeting. These can be even better prospects and will surely be more prospects.

The Internet has leveled the playing field for many smaller competitors and competitors that understand search engine optimization.

Numerous and very substantial companies, especially those in 'old line' industries, remain late to invest in the Internet and search engine optimization. Many have no web presence at all.

Limited or no web presence is why it can still be difficult to find the leading companies in your industry when searching the Internet, and how smaller competitors have gained higher search engine ranking and increased market share as a result.

If you notice that few in your industry (or geographic area for regional businesses) are on the Internet or have a web presence, your chances of appearing top in the search engines via search engine optimization are greatly increased. In many of these cases, depending on how well you search engine optimize, you can almost be assured of garnering top search engine ranking for your relevant search terms and phrases.

A significant web presence through search engine optimization has proven to be a key marketing tool to garner many new customers at very low cost.

Prospects who find your Site through a search are often the best prospects, and can be the most informed prospects.

Since prospective buyers are able to 'find' your Site (via search engine optimization) and as a result of a direct and immediate need, these prospects that 'find' your Site are anxious and ready to buy your products and services. Many buyers, in a crunch for time, will only buy products and services from companies that have a web presence and that the prospect can quickly learn about. Your web Site, if developed properly, and if search engine optimized, creates informed prospects that know more about your company than via any other means.

Pages most relevant to the keywords people use to search normally achieve top positions in the search results (except the paid search results). This creates even greater opportunities for those who take ethical advantage of modern search engine optimization techniques. There are also other considerations to be taken into account in search engine optimization that are covered on the following pages.

You can contact me for my search engine optimization report and analysis or read more.

Learn more. Find out how to get better search engine ranking.

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