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Search engine optimization -
how to get top search engine position.

By Rob Cummings

Real results are
far more credible
than paid results.

Most who use the search engines greatly prefer real search engine results (rather than paid or sponsored results).

Which results do you click on first? Probably the real results in the main column since they are also most often the most accurate.

Appearing near or at the top of search engine results (and maintaining high position and ranking in the real results) has numerous benefits in addition to cost savings. Search engine optimization is the only way to achieve real top (or near the top) search engine ranking and position.

The paid or sponsored results, now clearly separated from the 'real results' in most major search engines, are less appealing and less effective than the 'real results'. Paid or sponsored results can work, yet they simply do not work as well or as effectively as 'real results'.

Like ads or TV commercials, people realize that sponsored or paid search results appear because they are paid. Therefore, they are less believable than real results and not clicked on as often. Plus clicks can be very costly.

Web presence and Internet visibility.

Search engine optimization and my technique will provide you with the highest levels of web presence and Internet visibility which is real non-paid, non-sponsored search results.

Many believe all that web presence and Internet visibility involves is creating an attractive web Site and letting it sit there. However, without search engine optimization, few find or visit it unless they are directed to it.

Search engine optimization helps the search engines index Sites (and every page on them) enabling more pages to be found more often. All of this will be further explained as I help you understand search engine optimization, how search engines work, and my technique for search engine marketing and competitive strategy.

Non-paid, non-sponsored 'real search results' are more like editorial, more trusted, more believable, and the most clicked on - plus they are free.

Most people trust editorial more than they trust advertising.

Editorial has always been more effective and more believable  than advertising or commercials in all media. The same holds true for the Internet. When most see a 'real result' they consider it to be a link to a Site that will provide them with what they seek - and savvy users know that real results are not paid.

In your Internet strategy, though you may choose to include pay-per-click or pay for position or sponsored links, you should definitely include search engine optimization to be sure your Site and pages appear at or near the top of the real search engine results.

With my search engine optimization technique, your Site will also be more appealing and persuasive and informative to prospective buyers of your products and/or services, giving you a distinct competitive advantage and making the selling process easier, smoother, and less costly. How my technique develops 'informed prospects' while helping you appear in the first pages of search engine results will be explained further in this 10-page tutorial.

More about paid and sponsored results...

Paid results are usually charged on a 'per click' or pay per click-thru basis.

In virtually every case, the more people click, the more you pay. The cost per click can be 5 cents, 10 cents, one dollar, and much more - often for every click. Your costs can add up quickly - and there's no guarantee the cost paid 'per click' will result in sales.

There are many other ways that search engines charge for placement, though all the 'paid' or 'sponsored' results in the major search engines are clearly marked 'paid' or 'sponsored' and often not within the 'real' results but instead on the side.

This is fine except that paid results are still not as effective as the 'real results', and there are other benefits you get from my competitive strategies included in my search engine optimization method - though any search engine optimization is better than none.

Non-paid results are far more effective than paid results.

With a Site that achieves top search engine ranking and appears at or near the top of search results, people quickly find the pages on the Site since they appear on the first pages of search results and rank top in the search engines and are in the area where people normally look for real results.

If you are like most, you too give up searching after the first few pages of search results and tend to click on the first relevant results appearing on the first 3 pages of search engine results.

Additionally, when a Site appears at the top of real search engine results and has a high search engine ranking, that Site is perceived as being the leader in that industry since everyone knows that good search engines do all they can to present relevant results.

Therefore, the higher your Site ranks in the search engine results above your competition, the more business you get, and the business that comes to you has an elevated perception of your business since it ranks high in the search engines.

With search engine optimization (SEO), getting real search engine results is free of charge. Optimizing (which in my technique also includes improving) just takes research, time, analysis, experience, great writing, and strategy.

If you wish, you can buy my search engine optimization report and search engine optimization strategy for your specific business.

I highly suggest that you read more. The next 5 pages will reveal a lot of additional and important information that you need to know for search engine optimization and appearing high in the search engine results.

Read more to find out how to get better search engine ranking.

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This is a 10-page step by step article and tutorial helping you learn about how Sites and pages achieve top non-paid search engines results, ranking and position.

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