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Search engine optimization -
how to get top search engine position.

By Rob Cummings

Achieve top search
engine ranking forever.

I recommend that you read this and the next 4 pages before attempting search engine optimization.

Sites like
searchenginewatch can help you understand search engine optimization (SEO) though you may have to read much more than you wish to.

In the next 4 pages I will attempt to distill the basics of search engine optimization so that you have a good basic understanding of search engines and search engine optimization techniques and strategies.

Even though SEO is relatively easy to implement, search engine optimization can be quite daunting if you do not understand it.

Avoiding SEO hazards.

In the worst case scenario, some search engine optimization techniques can result in your Site becoming entirely and completely de-listed from the search engines.

Becoming de-listed, blacklisted or similar means your Site and its pages will not appear in the search engines at all and blacklisting is almost always the result of unsafe techniques that some who claim to be 'experts' may recommend, normally as 'quick solutions' or 'quick fixes' or 'solutions that are 100% guaranteed'.

These search engine optimization 'quick fixes' that a so-called search engine optimization 'professional' or 'expert' or 'advisor' or 'consultant' may recommend may seem extremely enticing... easy to implement, low cost, requiring little or no effort by you or your writer or your IT staff. Essentially, you get top search engine position and ranking without doing anything at all!

For a little while, with this unscrupulous type of search engine optimization, your Site may appear at the top of the search engine rankings and even with top search engine position. You will see your Site at the top of the search engine results and be ecstatic.

However, one day you will search for your own root URL (which should appear even if other pages on your Site do not i.e. nameofsite.com) and search results for your Site and all of its pages have entirely disappeared overnight. What happened? You were de-listed due to poorly advised search engine optimization techniques.

Chances of becoming listed again after being de-listed are slim, and your entire search engine optimization effort is out the window.

As I will explain on the following pages, once your Site becomes de-listed by a search engine, it is very difficult to get back in the good graces of the search engine or even be able to contact the search engine for re-listing.

Office politics and collaboration.
The other problem you may face in implementing search engine optimization effectively is the collaboration that must take place between designers, IT professionals, and writers.

SEO requires your web developers and IT guys, designers and writers (and possibly marketing and sales and PR) to work together and remain focused, with a collective understanding of SEO and each of their roles in the search engine optimization process.

In my business as owner of Cummings Design, my experience in working with writers, designers, web developers, IT professionals, marketing directors, creative directors, sales managers and senior management helps me create search engine optimization reports that help everyone feel comfortable with and understand my recommendations and technique, while helping each member of the team more clearly know what it is they need to do for a focused and successful search engine optimization effort.

Please read about my report below (if you wish), then be sure to read more about search engine optimization on the last 4 pages following this one.

Interested in a search engine optimization report and analysis specific to your business, your market, your industry with proven techniques and advanced strategies? Please click here.

Please read on and learn more about how your Site can appear high, at or near the top of search engine results whether or not you plan to buy my report specific to your business, market and industry.

Making search engine optimization work takes talent in writing and design along with a knack for understanding your customers, as I mentioned previously. There is a specific style of writing that makes search engine optimization work.

However, search engine optimization and appearing at the top or high in search engine ranking and position involves other aspects as well which will be explained.

How fast will SEO work and how long will it last?
Most clients ask me if I can guarantee that search engine optimization will result in top search engine ranking and position and are asking if my search engine optimization technique will result in a #1 search engine position immediately and forever.

No one can honestly guarantee #1 non-paid, non-sponsored search engine position for the near or long term since it is not for sale by the search engines.

However, once you learn about search engine optimization in general (by reading the remaining pages - 4 more to go), you will see why my SEO style and recommendations can be so effective, make so much more sense, and should keep your Site and pages at or near the top of the search results for a long time to come.

I will reveal more about search engine optimization strategy on the next 4 pages and this may be the catalyst you need to perform SEO on your own, without my report.

Search engine optimization (done properly) can and likely will have immediate effects (normally within 2-8 weeks).

Most search engines seem to update their indexes every 30-45 days (though this is not a hard and fast rule).

I have seen pages and Sites appear higher in the search engine results (as a result of search engine optimization) in days, while others have taken weeks.

When you may see your page rise in position and ranking depends on where you are in the search engine index or directory update cycle at the time you update your Site and pages.

Staying on top of search engine ranking.

To remain competitive, and retain your first page ranking in the search engines results (as competitors come online with new Sites that are search engine optimized or search engine optimize their current Sites), you need to consider search engine optimization as an ongoing project. Many wish they did not read this paragraph yet this is a fact and there is good reason to make SEO an ongoing effort. The good news is that once you understand the principles of search engine optimization and how pages achieve top search engine positions, you will use the SEO techniques effortlessly.

Even though my technique is very safe and sensible and designed to work for the long term no matter how things change, the nature of the Internet is that it is always changing.

To maintain your top search engine position and ranking in the results will require maintenance and minor updates. This will be explained in more detail on the next page.

The reason that SEO must be ongoing is that search engines like relevant Sites (as mentioned previously), yet search engines also rank Sites higher when their pages are current and recently updated.

Recently updated pages can and often do rank higher than pages from Sites that have not been updated in some time.

To the search engine spider, crawler, or robot,  a lack of recent updating can be a sign that the information on the web page is outdated, or that another web page with similar content may be more 'current' and therefore more relevant.

Search engines keep operations very secret to keep search engine optimization honest, yet there are ways to find the most current information about SEO.

The specifics of the search engine algorithms, how often and when search engines update their indexes and directories, search engine ranking procedures and policies, and just about every other method and procedure search engines use to determine highest page ranking and position all remain a highly guarded secret of the search engines. Remember that search engines strive to keep rankings relevant and revealing any secrets of how they do this would enable search engine optimization experts to take advantage of this.

If you have the time to search around the forums and other pages relating to search engine optimization, you can often get more advanced information about the latest search engine optimization algorithms and other details, though not all of this information is accurate and most you should dismiss. I routinely search around and read articles about search engine optimization, how Sites appear high or at the top of search engine ranking, and how they achieve top position, simply to see what others are doing and to be inspired with new concepts. 

Once you learn about SEO and my techniques and more about search engines and search engine optimization on the remaining 4 pages, you will be able to create web Sites and pages that achieve top search engine ranking and maintain top position - forever.

Learn more.

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