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Search engine optimization -
how to get top search engine position.

By Rob Cummings

Want more information on doing SEO yourself?

By now, you should have learned a great deal more than you knew about search engine optimization, but there is much more.

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and search for 'search engine optimization' to learn more about some basic methods that cause some Sites and pages to appear highest in search engine ranking and position.

Be careful about choosing an SEO (search engine optimization) firm since some techniques can cause your Site (and all pages on Sites) to be de-listed entirely.

We're on page 9 of my 10 page tutorial about search engine optimization.

What needs to be done to a Site for SEO?

A redesign of your Site may be required (though more often than not simple modifications can be made to your existing Site). Some page names and other elements may require easy changes.

The writing and style of writing will need to change for search engine optimization, though, with my technique, the content and the feel of the writing most often remains the same. In nearly every instance, my recommendations for search engine optimization will result in text that is more clear to the reader and a Site where the products and/or services offered are faster and easier to understand.

Does search engine optimization really work?

You may have found me and this page as a result of the search engine optimization techniques I use. Yes, it really works. I do not use any other form of advertising or promotion for my services other than search engine optimization.

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This is a 10-page step by step article and tutorial helping you learn about how Sites and pages achieve top non-paid search engines results, ranking and position.

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