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keyword.com the bridge from offline to online since 1997.

Rob Cummings invented and launched keyword.com in 1997 believing the Internet would need an easier alternative.

Since 1997 keyword.com has been providing an offline to online marketing solution for sales, marketing, customer service, and many other purposes that reliably and seamlessly can transport people from offline to online - from keyword.com phrases people tell others to enter at keyword.com.

keyword.com keywords send people directly to content-related web Sites and specific pages and files on the Internet.

keyword.com keywords only work when entered at keyword.com and do not work in other search engines like Google or Yahoo or similar. Entered at keyword.com, keyword.com keywords go direct to web pages.

The phrase 'enter <my keyword> at keyword.com' makes it work anywhere in the world.

People learn of then 'enter the keyword at keyword.com' , click GO, and instantly find the specific files and pages exclusively associated with the entry. Simple.

keyword.com keyword phrases may be heard from friends, associates, and others, and seen or heard on radio announcements, broadcast and cable television commercials, newspapers, contests, sweepstakes, promotions, text messages, product inserts, flyers, mailers, and in any other media.

If you saw or heard 'enter the keyword at keyword.com', enter it above, click GO, and the exact web page file associated with that specific and unique keyword opens...instantly... without any list of results.

keyword.com keywords enable keywords to be used in a clean and direct way, entering unique keywords, clicking GO, and opening just the page or file the keywords are associated with, relate to, and providing what the user needs and wants.

As an Internet user, you will find keyword.com keywords effective, easy to use, and very fast - launching the content-specific page you expect in milliseconds.

Once you enter the registered keyword.com keyword and launch the web page associated with it, you can bookmark that web page, or continue to find it at a later time via keyword.com (as long as it remains active).

As a marketer or promoter, you can count on keyword.com keywords to direct consumers and others to any web page or file you choose - quickly, easily, and far more cost-effectively than any other method - plus save them significant time and effort without losing them along the way.

The keyword.com bridge is entirely independent of any web page or file it launches.

The way keyword.com keywords work, you can use the same keywords and leave the web page or file the keywords open static, or update the content at any time.

The possibilities with keyword.com keywords are nearly endless in terms of marketing, promotion, branding, contests, information distribution, and more.

For those that remember keyword.com in the 'old days', aside from offering keyword.com keywords we used to offer MetaSearch.

We now found a new MetaSearch that presents the Internet as a graphic, with (what we feel to be) very relevant results. We're having fun with it, and believe you will too.

Then, to make it easy to find a web Site page or file with registered keyword.com Internet keywords we've added bar code number keywords, phone number keywords, part number keywords, model number keywords, email keywords, international keywords, and other types of keywords for practically any purpose or application.
The Internet has grown dramatically since keyword.com launched in 1997, and today keyword.com keywords provide a way for people to use 'direct-to-file' keywords on the most memorable keyword domain in the world, keyword.com.

keyword.com keywords are the opposite of search keywords since keyword.com keywords entered at keyword.com always launch the exact file or page the keywords are associated with, with no list of results, and only the files and pages the keywords are registered to by our members.

We've been reliably providing an alternate way for people to use keywords practically since the Internet came to be, and have always believed keywords as we use them improve retention, increase productivity, increase sales and results from promotions, and make offline to online internal and external communications far better more effective.

If you're a member using keyword.com keywords we wish to thank you, and if you have never tried keyword.com keywords we hope you will, with our free trial.

Please contact us with questions or comments, and thank you for visiting and supporting keyword.com and keyword.com Internet keyword services.

keyword.com - reliably serving Sites and users worldwide since 1997.


keyword.com - reliably serving Sites and Users with Internet Keyword service since 1997
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