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Enter the bar code, go direct to the web page.
This could be any page on any web Site.

If 012345678905 was a valid UPC bar code, entering that UPC bar code would take you directly to the web Site page of that specific retail product. Cool, isn't it?

Every bar code is unique in the world, and, if you haven't noticed, there's a bar code on nearly every retail product. Entering that bar code (if registered by the manufacturer or distributor at can take you directly to the web page associated with it. You'll be able to learn more about products simply by entering the UPC product code.

Soon you will see enter our product bar code at and hear about it on radio and TV... and will accommodate the new 14 digit bar codes too!

Wish every manufacturer had a Internet bar code?
We do too! Please help us by emailing Sites of products you use and asking them to register their bar code with today.

Are you a manufacturer wishing you had a Internet bar code?
All you need to do is register and associate your UPC bar code with the web page you wish it to go to when entered at Click here for details and a free trial.

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