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How internet keywords can make the web work better for advertisers and businesses.
July 24,1998 - By Rob Cummings

The connection between offline media and online media for advertisers and businesses has been sorely overlooked.
Before keyword.com, there was no reasonable means for business to connect callers, or listeners of radio spots, or viewers of television spots, or readers of print ads, promotion and direct mail to web sites. The internet address is often too long and complex to remember without writing it down, most people don't sit in front of the TV or radio, pen in hand, ready to jot down the url, and once the print ad, promotion or direct mail piece goes into the trash, the internet address goes along with it.

America Online keywords work only for the few who pay dearly for (or make a partnership deal with AOL) to acquire an AOL keyword. And even with an AOL keyword, the keyword works only for the 12 million or so AOL subscribers, not the majority of the internet world.

Keyword.com is the first and only free internet keyword registry to offer a sensible and simple solution for any business selling on (or with) the internet.

Taking callers/viewers/listeners/readers to a web site from offline media is as easy as entering an internet keyword at keyword.com.

The difference between an aol keyword and a keyword.com internet keyword (aside from fact that keyword.com keywords are free of charge), is that keyword.com keywords work for the entire internet world, in any browser, without any plug-ins. If users can get on the internet, they can use a keyword.com internet keyword.

It's so simple yet it saves so much in terms of time, cost, and user frustration.
An advertiser can send users to any page on a site with the phrase "enter <internet keywordX> at keyword.com. The home page is one logical choice, however, the potential is far greater.

Imagine this scenario: a prospective buyer sees an ad for the new Compaq X150 computer, is about to buy, but has questions. The buyer calls the toll-free number. The operator, instead of spending valuable time looking up the answer to each question on his/her screen, immediately asks the caller "are you online"? If the caller responds "yes", the operator says "great, please go to keyword.com and enter COMPAQ X150". Whammo. The exact information is right on the callers' screen, NOT the Compaq home page (which would take the user time to click around until they found the X150 page), but DIRECTLY TO the X150 page. Operator and toll-free time costs money, and this just shaved minutes off the transaction. The caller got just what they wanted, and the operator is free to take the next call.

A similar scenario works for sales departments in catalog houses, distributors, manufacturers, large and small businesses, even charities. And internet keywords could dramatically improve technical and customer support phone operations as well.

There are also numerous other promotional opportunities where keyword.com internet keywords could be helpful including new product and service introductions, new motion picture promotions, new music releases, and the list goes on and on.

It's not rocket science, it's just common sense. Finally, the connection from offline to online media has been made internet-wide.

Rob Cummings

keyword.com, successfully working for sites and users since May 1997

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