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Enter the bar code number at keyword.com, the web page associated with it launches instantly.

Launch any web page with any bar code number.

Bar Code Service inspires consumers to take a much closer hands-on look at products. It is used by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers (bar code owners) for promotional and other purposes.

Once registered in the bar code registry, a bar code owner can tell anyone via any media at any time to 'enter the bar code number at keyword.com' to launch a barcode-specific, product-specific and content-specific web page for information, contests, games, prizes, sweepstakes, special and limited time offers, coupons, and more.

Fast, fun, easy, reliable, effective, and familiar to all, the process is simply triggered by the words 'enter the bar code at keyword.com'.

Hands-on product interaction is 'built in' since the consumer needs to have (or have had) the product in hand, or at least the coupon code.
For more detail see these articles.

Bar code promotions send users to any web page - especially those with long URLs and deep within web Sites - instantly. There is no faster and more efficient way to target a web page with a bar code.

Click to see what could happen by entering a Pepsi« bar code at keyword.com.
Enter the bar code number, click GO, the web page registered to it immediately launches.

Easy, fast, effective offline to online promotions... and more.

The bar code owner determines and manages the content of the web page that launches when the bar code is typed in. This provides great flexibility, leaving the bar code owner in complete control.

The page launched might offer consumer-oriented product details and promotions, recipes, coupons, prizes... or it may provide other information for those in the supply chain, commerce and industry.

The web page the bar code number launches might remain 'static' or change at scheduled or random intervals since it is controlled by the bar code owner and remains on the Site of the bar code owner.

Bar Code Service is the fastest, most efficient, and most memorable way to send users from bar codes direct to highly specific web pages.

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