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Supply chain and industrial Bar Code Service applications.

Without any bar code scanner, reader or other device, all people need is their eyes to read the bar code, fingers to type it, and a computer with an Internet connection.

Here are some example applications:

Best Buy or Circuit City retail floor sales staff get fast product training:

A new cellular phone arrives at Best Buy or Circuit City. Retail sales staff need training on how to demonstrate and sell it, and a fast way to later access the same web page for the latest and most up to date calling plan details and other deals available.

The store manager tells the group of floor salespeople to "enter the bar code at keyword.com" for the specific product. They go to any computer with an Internet connection, enter the bar code, and a web page specifically about that product instantly launches.

Even if the trainees switch computers, every time they "enter the bar code at keyword.com" they land on the exact same web page, so they do not need to bookmark or add the page to their favorites. They might spend a few minutes learning about the product in store, and then more when they return home.

The page that launches when staff "enter the bar code at keyword.com" can be password protected or not. If the brand manager or marketing director finds a new application for the product, or finds that the information about it needs to be updated, the web page that launches can instantly be updated to reflect the latest information.

GE Monogram« servicemen get quick schematics and up-to-date installation instructions:

A new Monogram« refrigerator needs warranty repair service and specifically needs the thermostat replaced. The morning of the service call, the repair person enters the bar code for the replacement thermostat part to be installed at keyword.com. 

When the repair person enters the bar code number, a web page launches with complete and up-to-date installation instructions for that specific part.

The repair person prints the web page prior to going out on the service call, or can access it from the truck. Managed by GE, the GE web page that launches from keyword.com is updated to reflect the latest information about installing that product. The web page includes a form where the repair person can add comments to be considered as additions to the page to help others in the field.

GE updates the web page to include any information that would be helpful to installers. Bar Code Service can increase productivity, reduce call times, and improve the quality of service that technicians provide.

Braun makes uniform retail product display fast and easy:

Braun has a special holiday promotional display. The product and display arrives at the receiving dock. It's unpacked and a note inside reads "enter the product bar code at keyword.com for display set-up instructions."

The store manager enters the bar code number from the crate at keyword.com and finds a web page with step-by-step unpacking instructions and digital photos of the finished display. The store manager prints out these instructions or has the person in charge of setting up the display see them on screen.

More to come.

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