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Brand Managers use product bar code numbers to create fun and exciting promotions.

Get products in consumer's hands in a meaningful and memorable way.

The simple phrase "enter the bar code at keyword.com" makes promotions fun and exciting for consumers, with incredible flexibility and limitless possibilities for Brand Managers.

This page describes bar code numbers and how they can launch content-related web pages, however, any unique term or phrase can also be used to launch a related web page.

Click to see what could happen by entering a DiGiorno« bar code at keyword.com.
This DiGiorno page linked above has a URL that is far too complex to remember or print, yet, entering the bar code at keyword.com would take a user directly to this targeted page, making this page as directly accessible as any home page.

The user enters the bar code number, clicks GO, the web page that the brand manager has associated with the bar code number launches instantly.

  • Direct-to-content
  • Non-stop
  • No consumer price comparisons
  • No pop-up or pop-under windows
  • Product-specific

Bar Code Service is a very effective way to get a product in the hands of a consumer - and to inspire consumers to take a closer hands-on look at products.

The number entered launches only the web page associated with the bar code (or set of bar codes) for:

  • recipes

  • contests

  • coupons

  • prizes

  • sweepstakes

  • special promotions

  • limited time offers

  • instructions

  • applications

  • any purpose

keyword.com is easy to spell and hard to forget.


People told to 'enter the bar code from a can of Pepsi at keyword.com' could instantly land on this Pepsi contest page - without needing to search, or know, or remember the web address.

People told to 'enter the bar code at keyword.com' from any specific P&G product could land directly on any page within the P&G promotion web Site. The P&G Site is a perfect example of a Site with links to numerous URLs and page names where Bar Code Service could be highly effective.

Hershey's could be directing people from its candy packaging bar codes to any of its promotional pages.

Fun, intriguing, exciting, low cost, flexible.

Bar Code Service makes promotions fun and exciting for consumers, and easy, low-cost and flexible for brand managers.

If the result is a prize or coupon, 'enter the bar code at barcodeprize.com, barcodeprizes.com, barcodecoupon.com, barcodecoupons.com' also works.

Bar Code Service is ideal for those you might expect... Kellogg's, Kraft, Pillsbury, General Mills, Quaker, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Unilever, Procter & Gamble... yet is also perfect for any distributor or manufacturer of any size and in any market.

The annual cost of Bar Code Service is fixed, based on number of unique products, and low enough to easily charge to nearly any credit card. This means a Brand or Product Manager can implement Bar Code Service without budget approval since registration costs less than a typical business lunch.

Where and how consumers learn to "enter the bar code at keyword.com" is entirely up to the Brand or Product Manager:

  • point of purchase
  • point of sale
  • on the product label
  • on an attached label or hang tag
  • by radio or TV, or any combination
  • or even by word of mouth.

Brand Managers can quickly and inexpensively launch new promotions across all brands, within brands, within product lines, and/or with single products.

All a Brand Manager needs to create promotions that encourage product interaction, increase brand awareness and brand loyalty, enable cross-promotion, and more, is a web page associated with the bar code (or set). keyword.com can even design and host the web page if needed.

UPC Internet keywords and Bar Code Service put products in consumer's hands in a way never before possible.

Hands-on interaction between the consumer and the product packaging is guaranteed since the consumer needs to have (or have had) the product in hand to enter the bar code at keyword.com.

Bar Code Service is so simple yet has so many applications in brand and product marketing, advertising, and promotion. Keyword.com is extremely memorable, however, if the Brand Manager wishes, the bar code 'GO' box can be on the product Site. No co-branding is required.

If you are a Global Brand Manager, National Brand or Product Manager, Director of Marketing, or an advertising agency in charge of promoting a retail product or service or brand:

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