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Keyword.com Bar Code Service and the Internet Bar Code Registry...transforming the way people interact with products.

FAQs: Frequently asked questions about bar code service.

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Why use UPC Internet keywords for promotions?
To enable fun and exciting promotions with hands-on product interaction, and insure that people quickly and easily find the exact web page you specify, at very low cost, with great reliability.

There are numerous other features and benefits, and applications.

How can keyword.com BCS be described?
keyword.com has created a foundation that can change the way people interact with their products -- and is transforming how companies reach (and interact with) their target audience.

BCS enables bar code owners (i.e. manufacturers, distributors, and retailers) to enable people to go direct from a bar code number to a content-specific web page. It can be used for creating brand awareness, enhancing brand loyalty, and/or distributing information in a manner as simple as performing an Internet search, and without the need for any technology other than a computer with Internet access.

How does Bar Code Service work?
People type in your product's bar code number at keyword.com. When they do, the exact web page you specified (and only that exact web page) instantly launches.

BCS works just like a search engine - yet the only result is the web page the bar code owner chooses and maintains.

We have a web Site, what's the advantage?
Any page within your web Site becomes the first page people see when they enter the bar code at keyword.com.

Why not use one of our many web Sites, or create a new domain?
The web Sites of many large companies have become overwhelming, even if brand or product-specific. Bar Code Service sends users directly to any page on your Site, making any page, even a page deep within, as instantly accessible as the home page. And all that's needed to launch this page is the product-specific bar code number.

You avoid navigation entirely, yet, if the web page specified is linked to the rest of your Site, consumers can still see your entire Site.

There's a bit more fun, magic, adventure and mystery to finding then entering a number and receiving a result as compared to simply being told to go to a web Site - plus many web page URL's are too long and difficult to type in or remember. BCS is an easily affordable addition to any marketing program.

What are the benefits of BCS?

  • Consumer familiarity and acceptance of the process
  • no device required
  • no computer modification of any kind required
  • causes direct hands-on product interaction
  • can be implemented in a matter of hours
  • offers the bar code owner unlimited flexibility.

How do bar code owners promote BCS?

'Enter the bar code at keyword.com' can be promoted in any way the bar code owner wishes, at very minimal cost, or it can be rolled out as a full media campaign.

The scope of the campaign can expand and contract as the bar code owner wishes since the bar code owner manages the promotion. Since the bar code owner also maintains the web page the bar code launches, the web page can be changed at any time and for any reason by the bar code owner.

What causes the hands-on product interaction?
To enter the bar code number, the user must find it on the product packaging, which is easy and done all the time by checkout clerks.

How does this differ from couponing?
A much higher degree and intensity of consumer interaction with the product when you compare the process of redeeming a coupon to the process of finding and then typing in a bar code number from the actual product - plus the consumer entering the bar code receives the impact of the web page that results.

BCS also makes it easy for one person to tell another about a specific product by word of mouth and by phone - and how to see the promotional web page.

Can coupon codes also be used?
Yes. Any unique number or term may be used in addition to BCS or as an alternative to BCS.

Is any user information or data collected?
No. keyword.com Bar Code Service is entirely devoted to the needs of the bar code owner without any other agenda.

Does entering a bar code cause an ad to pop up?
Never. BCS simply and very efficiently launches specific web pages associated with specific bar codes when the bar code number is entered at keyword.com.

Why should we not rely on search engine search?
The web page that you wish people to see via search is likely not the first result, and is not guaranteed to remain in the first page of results. Bar Code Service insures that the product-related web page you choose and maintain is not just the first result, but the only result.

Can we register a series of bar codes?
Yes. Since a single product may have several UPC bar codes
(a product-related series) to account for various pack sizes, configurations, and other variations, you may want a series of bar codes to launch the same web page.

To further custom tailor your promotion or application, you might consider directing one bar code number (or series) to one web page, and another bar code number or series to a different web page.

For example, a single unit retail pack could launch a single-unit related web page, a retail multi-pack could launch a different web page, and a bulk commercial unit purchase could launch another.

What is the cost of Bar Code Service?
$45 USD per year per product plus a discounted per year fee for each additional bar code number in that product-related series, as long as all bar code numbers in the series are directed to the same web page.

There are no hidden fees and no limits on the number of times the bar code can be entered and the web page launched, which makes budgeting and accounting for Bar Code Service simple and direct.

Does keyword.com provide consumer price comparisons?
No. Direct-to-content, non-stop, (with no pop up window and no other action), when the bar code number is entered and the user clicks GO, the web page that the bar code owner has associated with the bar code number launches instantly. We do nothing else unless you need a special web page designed and/or hosted, which we can do for you.

Will bar code service have any effect on our own bar code or web Site?
No. Like any search engine, the proprietary keyword.com process has nothing to do with your web pages, your phone number, or your bar code numbers. Our operations are entirely independent and the web pages keyword.com Internet keywords send users to are your own, not ours. Keyword.com Internet Bar Code keywords cannot affect your bar code or your web Site in any way whatsoever.

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We need some ideas, can you help?
Yes, please ask. We will gladly provide ideas and concepts relating to how you can make the best use of BCS. Simply contact us or comment when you sign up for the
instant demo in your reply to the email we send. .

How do bar code numbers get into the Bar Code Registry?
The bar code owner must try the
instant demo first.. The only bar code numbers in the bar code registry are those that bar code owners register and associate with specific web pages when they register. Following the instant demo, the bar code owner is given the option to pay the nominal annual fee which keeps the bar code number active. Otherwise the bar code number is removed from the registry.

Will unregistered bar code numbers work with bar code service?
No. Bar code numbers that are not registered with keyword.com will not work.

Do people need a UPC bar code scanner to enter the bar code?
No. People enter the UPC bar code number in the search box at keyword.com, click 'GO', and go direct to the web page the bar code owner has associated with that bar code.

Can anyone enter a bar code number at keyword.com?
Yes. Users enter the UPC bar code number at keyword.com the same way the checkout people do in place of the UPC bar code scanner.

What type of people will enter a bar code number at keyword.com?
The people you tell. You can use your bar code at keyword.com for consumers, retailers, distributors, or anyone else in the supply chain to send them to password and non-password protected web pages by entering the bar code. Most will only know to enter your specific bar code if you tell them to.

Who tells people to enter a specific bar code at keyword.com?
As the bar code owner, you tell them to do so by phone, word of mouth, at point of sale, in printed materials, advertising, stickers on packaging or inserts in packaging, and any other media. All that needs to be communicated are the words 'enter the bar code at keyword.com'. You may choose to elaborate on this - or not - as you see fit.

Can bar code service send a user to any web page?
Yes. Any web page in the world, on any web Site, as long as the URL is unique.

In cases where every web page on a Site has the exact same URL web address (a web design approach that makes it impossible to send people to any specific web page via any means other than click-by-click instructions), your web staff will need to add at least one uniquely named page - unless all you wish is for the bar code to go to your home page. Unique page names are preferred for many reasons. If you wonder about the disadvantages of every page having the same URL, please contact us for details.

Is keyword.com bar code service true direct-to-content?
Yes, and non-stop. Unlike a search engine (that provides multiple results the user may click on), entering a bar code at keyword.com goes direct-to-content, meaning directly to the web page (and content) you associate with the bar code when it is registered in our registry. Others may toss around the term 'direct to content' yet keyword.com truly is. Users enter the bar code and go directly to the associated Site in the same window (not a pop up).

Will keyword.com offer consumer price comparisons?
No. The only thing keyword.com does is send users direct to the manufacturer, distributor or retailer web pages when people enter bar codes that the manufacturer, distributor or retailer has chosen to associate with specific web pages, and has registered.

Does keyword.com do anything else with the bar code numbers entered?
No.  Bar code service is a service paid for by bar code owners enabling them to use bar code numbers to send people to web pages. keyword.com does nothing more with bar code numbers entered.

Is keyword.com reliable?
Yes, very reliable. The proprietary keyword.com system has never allowed a single duplicate registration since we began operations in May of 1997. Keyword.com is hosted by a recognized leader in the industry and features 99.9% uptime (the best any Site can claim). Time Warner and Global Crossing provide redundant IP connectivity on Time Warner fiber. APC and its InfraStruxure product provides us with a redundant power system capable of withstanding multi-day power failures. In addition to the UPS system, the data center is connected to a 250KW Katolight generator driven by a 500 gallon capacity John Deere diesel engine.

Can we use the keyword.com logo in print, advertising, promotion, and TV?
Yes. After you register your UPC bar code with keyword.com, we will send you any artwork you may need. Your registration includes a license to use the keyword.com name and logo in any promotion you wish (as long as the promotion relates to entering your bar code at keyword.com).

How can we check our bar code at keyword.com?
You can enter your registered bar code at any time from any computer with an Internet connection to see it go to the associated web page.

How can we judge the success of the keyword.com program?
You can see how many page hits came from keyword.com in your own Site stats, something you cannot do by simply telling people to go to your own web Site or any page on your web Site.

How many bar code entries can keyword.com handle at one time?
People stay at keyword.com for a very short period of time... just long enough to enter a bar code and click 'GO'. At that point they are no longer at keyword.com. As a result, keyword.com has tremendous capacity and can handle tremendous load.

Is any kind of code added to our web page or Site?
No. Bar code service is completely independent of the bar code owner's web Site, web page, and bar code number. Your web page and web Site remain completely untouched.

Can we change the web page content that our bar code is directed to?
Yes. As long as the URL remains the same, the web page can be updated, changed, or even redirected to another web page or Site at any time - without the need to contact us.

Can we change the web page URL that our bar code is directed to?
Yes. We will verify your identity first, and a nominal service charge will apply.

How did keyword.com create the Bar Code Registry? 
The entire Keyword.com Internet Bar Code Registry system is based on the exact same keyword.com technology and infrastructure that has been reliably serving Sites and users with Internet keyword service since 1997. Bar Codes, Phone Numbers, and Internet Keywords all work with the same reliable system that never allows duplicate registrations and always sends users direct to web Sites.

Did this page answer your questions?
If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

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If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

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