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Ready for 2005 Sunrise.

Bar Code Service has no problem working with the new 2005 Sunrise 13-digit bar codes, 12-digit bar codes, any Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), and virtually any other unique number:
  • UCC-12 (also known as UPC-A or UPC-E)
  • UCC-13 (also known as EAN-13)
  • EAN/UCC-14
  • UCC-8 (also know as EAN-8).

keyword.com Bar Code Service does just one thing - it sends people direct to the web page the bar code owner specifies when the bar code is entered in the GO box at keyword.com - with the old 12-digit or new 2005 Sunrise 13-digit bar codes.

Direct-to-content, non-stop, (with no pop up window and no other action), the bar code number is entered, the user clicks the GO button, the web page associated with the bar code launches instantly.

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