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"I see, it's a neat and tidy way to send people to files and pages. Long URLs become simple easy to remember keywords, and all non dot coms do too!" Internet keywords GO direct to web pages making it far easier to find web pages and files, and not get lost along the way.

Simply say: 'enter <my keyword> at' , click GO keywords help people find what they want, and help you quickly direct them. keyword service entirely eliminates the need to remember, explain, or try to type confusing and lengthy url's to open exact pages and files, and spend time doing so.

keywords easily send people directy to any specific page or file, blog, or other URL.

Features and benefits:

  • unlimited use worldwide
  • direct keyword access to pages and files
  • free suggestions and free trial support
  • affordable subscription fees
  • no traffic limit
  • no traffic surcharges
  • you can change your pages and files any time
  • all the benefits of word of mouth

Your keyword can be:

  • letters and/or numbers combined
  • any unique word, term, name, phrase
  • your phone number
  • your email address
  • your UPC bar code
  • a unique pass or secret code you create
  • and you can choose from our best choices

Use your keywords any way you wish, as often as you wish, in marketing, promotion; for sales, customer service; internally and externally, printed and spoken.

Simply say: '
enter <my keyword> at' , click GO

See your own keyword work in minutes.

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