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"I see many reasons to send people direct and not always to a home page now."


Give others direct and instant access to any page or file, anywhere on your web Site, of any URL length, for any purpose:

A keyword instantly opens any web page and any file on any web site in the world.

You could direct your keyword to a web page with a URL/web address of any length and complexity, with any country or other TLD such as .us, .biz, .cn, .it, or direct your keyword to open any file type. supports and will instantly open every file type on the Internet including any:

  • web page on any network worldwide
  • PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, audio, video, any file on the web
  • Flash or other media presentation
  • product page from an online catalog
  • owner's manual page or PDF of an owner's manual
  • online game page, contest page, coupons page
  • blog or other social media page
  • any other content on any web page on any web Site

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