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"Well that surely is neat. I think I'd like to try one."


Simply say: 'enter <my keyword> at' , click GO is totally independent of the pages and files it launches so you can change the web pages and files your keyword opens at any time you wish - without us.

Once you subscribe to keyword service, there is no limit to how often your keyword can be entered.

There is no limit to the length of the URL address of the page or file you choose nor any limitation on the crazy-looking characters in the URL (web page address).

Set your keyword to open a page or file deep inside your Site, maybe not your home page, since even the longest and craziest-looking URLs (web addresses) are no problem for, including those with these #/%.

Choose a page or file that really accomplishes your goals when people you tell see it and that's what will make your keyword most effective and successful.

Keep in mind a keyword can open any type of file, so think about the possibilities for opening PDFs and other file types with long URLs, simply and quickly, with a keyword.

Though any type of keyword will work, your keyword phrases should be unique and distinctive since only one can be sold on our system. Generic keywords are allowed though most costly.

Certain other rules and regulations apply to all keywords as well as membership.

Once registered and when entered at, your keyword will directly launch any web page or file in any file format available now or in the future and will always work in every browser worldwide.

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"One annual subscription fee, unlimited use, there must be a catch."

The large fine print...

Affordable keyword subscriptions come with unlimited use. keywords entered at take people direct to web pages and files.

If you thought that keywords function similarly on other search sites, that would be just plain silly and that would be the catch, otherwise...

Promote your keywords any way you wish, anywhere in the world, in any media.

There are no traffic penalties, and no traffic surcharges, and we've been told can handle Superbowl commercial traffic so you can feel fairly assured we'll work for you.

You simply pay one set annual subscription fee and your keywords remain active until you choose to cancel your subscription.

We offer members annual and/or quarterly subscriptions at very affordable rates that you can see in the FREE instant demo.

You become a member when you subscribe and register your first keyword.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or tell us what you think about and how people could use keywords.

Try the FREE instant demo first, then you can register your keyword., reliably serving Sites and users around the world since 1997.

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