Bio: Buck Pulliam/Technology Strategist

In today's fast-paced internet world, creative technological strategies and knowledge of the latest proven technologies and innovations is critical to the success of any internet business.

With a background in process engineering, implementation,  management, customer service, QA, and support, Gil "Buck' Pulliam offers innovative insights into streamlining processes that enable internet-based businesses to work more efficiently, faster, easier, and more cost-effectively. He also has a keen sense in developing and implementing internet marketing strategies.

In addition, Buck manages the majority of our backend work, insuring e-commerce systems and databases are properly maintained and monitored, managing and testing for quality assurance, training personnel, and handling all quality assurance/control issues for the sites we build.

A graduate of the University of California at Chico State, he holds a Bachelor of Computer Sciences.

He has experience and knowledge in internet topology, networking, Windows NT and 2000, IIS, Apache, html, javascript, cgi, asp, SQL, Miva Scripting e-commerce software, internet as well as other new and evolving technologies.

Buck works extremely well with existing IT departments, management, administrative and accounting staff, and provides both Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support to clients requiring this. He brings a great deal of knowledge and value to the projects he becomes involved in.

Resumé: Buck Pulliam
Lead QA engineer and Second level support representative responsible for providing QA services to the Development staff for all product releases and upgrades. Also acted as Second level support for first level support team. Handled escalated technical problems, worked as a liaison between customer service and development staff, trained first level technical support staff and managed release of 4 software patch projects. Played key role in a team that created a completely new technical support procedures/policies and was instrumental in deploying a full software suite for integrating technical support, QA and development.

RevisionLabs -
Lead Quality Assurance engineer for first online bill pay system created for Intuit ( Product was developed using a JavaScript client front end connect to a C++ developed engine that handled all transactions between intuit, the CheckFree company and end user, and a SQL database backend.  Also lead QA engineer for online banking systems for Software Company. White box tested all front end JavaScript, SQL tables, minimal automated testing (no tools for JavaScript at that time) and managed all test completion and tests passed reports. Worked closely with development staff and worked closely with Inuit staff to handle usability testing and customer interaction. Working with the development staff, we created an Active Server Page based testing tool for queries sent to the SQL database instead of executing manual SQL commands. Phase 1 of the project was completed in less than 5 months.
Managed all aspects of the Quality Assurance process, documentation, testing, script writing and reporting for a team of 4 QA engineers. Released first web based fax product for the fax integration market – customer base of 50,000 Unix and NT based Fax servers. Product was developed in Java using xml data integration into a fax engine developed in C++. Also, instrumental in bringing in life cycle methodology into the development, marketing, product management and support staff to handle problems with project tracking, consistent failures in meeting project deadlines and poor development practices.  
Cummings Design e-commerce and web-based business consultant

Create and develop internet-based business sites including e-commerce stores, e-commerce integration into existing sales/marketing/accounting systems and provide cost-effective end-to-end IT solutions. Analyze and provide process engineering strategies to streamline businesses, reduce operating costs, and increase return on investment. Create and develop web- based  and web-enabled call center customer support solutions for enhanced, personalized, yet fully-automated customer service capabilities. Provide level I and level II technical support for customers, search engine optimization, training, technical and visual site upgrades,  affiliate program creation, quality assurance, strategy and development; internet marketing and strategic planning. Also manage Virtual Associates and other consultants in a broad spectrum of areas and a wide variety of project types.

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