Bio: Jason Chao: Sales & Marketing Analyst/Strategist

Though relatively new to the business, Jason Chao has shown exceptional skill, proven talent, commitment and maturity in the areas of sales development, marketing, strategy, vendor and manufacturer relations, and more.

A former client and now a Virtual Associate of Cummings Design, Jason is a  true team player and motivator, responsible for co-developing product strategies for retail sales, OEM, and distribution channels. Smart, imaginative, thorough and thoughtful, Jason has unique and broad capabilities in numerous areas. He is also an extremely hard worker, and once engaged, demonstrates exceptional commitment to getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

During his three year term at Benwin, manufacturer of the world's first flat panel speaker systems, Jason identified and formed strategic alliances with major partners, developed co-op, advertising and in-store marketing programs, managed a group of major national retail manufacturers' sales reps, developed new market sectors, and was responsible for managing the budget for trade shows, advertising and other media. Simultaneously, he managed and motivated the internal sales team. He implemented and trained staff on the use of contact management software, and performed additional duties including customer service, price control, contract reviews and agreements. Jason Chao essentially was the glue of the company.

In addition, Jason worked closely with the engineering team in product development and acted as liaison with Pacific rim facilities, vendors, and other outsourced consultants both in the U.S. and overseas.

Fluent in both English and Chinese, and born in Louisiana, he has made numerous trips to Asia and Europe to create strategic alliances with vendors, distributors, and technology licensors.

Jason holds a B.A. from the University of California/Irvine, with a major in management, economics, and social sciences.

Jason is a valuable asset with a broad range of talents. 

Resumé: Jason Chao
Sales and Marketing Director for Benwin, manufacturer of the worlds first flat panel speaker systems, and a U.S. subsidiary of a $950 million dollar multi-faceted Taiwan-based Corporation. The parent company also has offices in Hong Kong and manufacturing facilities in Mainland China.

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