Bio: Ufuk Zayim/Motion, Flash and 3D Specialist

Ufuk Zayim is more than a Flash developer, graphic artist, designer and web animator... he also specializes in 3D works and has interests and talents in interior design and architecture.

Ufuk has extensive experience in creating motion graphics using Macromedia Flash, and in desktop publishing, interactive multimedia presentations, screen design and three-dimensional modeling.

He has worked for companies in Europe including Sony Austria, Sony Holland, Oxygen, Fila, Honda and Mobilcom.

Ufuk's broad range of talents and unique approach provide clients with a cutting-edge look and feel. 

See his work by clicking here.

Resum: Ufuk Zayim - 1990 to present

Prepared interactive CD's for SONY Austria and Sony Holland.

Created multimedia interfaces and quicktime movies.

Created Brad Pit's web site

Created web pages and Flash movies for Sony and diverse Austrian companies

Prepared 3D product presentations and prototypes for Oxygen, Fila, Honda, A1 Mobilcom, and other Austrian companies

Created product catalogues for Yves Rocher, and Lancester

Created identities and branding for diverse Austrian companies.

Created architectural concept designs

Worked as a graphic designer and interrior designer for various hotels, restaurants and residences.

Created Freehand and computer 3D presentations

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