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Rob Cummings
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Speed, agility, flexibility, leading-edge technology knowledge, innovative marketing and financial strategies, 24/7 support and much more, all available from a single, reliable, trusted source with over 26 years experience.

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Cummings Design produces and implements highly successful end-to-end solutions that generate immediate results and profits.

We focus on the traditional principles of business development, combine them with the proven tools of the 21st Century, consider all the factors involved in your company's success, and completely change the way your company does business. The result is much more than a pretty picture, its in the numbers and the stats.

All your needs are met on a near-immediate basis from a single source without the need to manage multiple vendors. Plus we're a complete, reliable and efficient 24/7 fit to your team creative efforts.

The results far exceed your expectations.
Rob Cummings, with over 26 years in the business has not let time pass him by. He is hip, committed, knowledgeable and always on the cutting edge. Rob spends a minimum of two hours every day keeping current on latest trends in the industry. So do his associates. 

Rob serves as your project manager, producer, writer, creative director, marketing analyst, motivator, new media visionary, process engineer, (and part-time psychologist when needed). He is your primary point of contact 24/7. Yes, that means you can call any day, any time, and get immediate if not near-immediate service. There are no account executives... Rob and every associate you work with is actually the individual doing the job for you. Impossible projects are completed in record time without miscommunication or delay.

A service level and breadth of knowledge, ability and experience that cannot be found from any other single source.
Along with strategic partners and associates, Cummings Design solves problems and develops strategies and solutions end to end at a cost which is surprisingly fair. Always available days, nights and weekends, there simply is no better resource for all 21st century businesses or those wishing to become 21st century businesses.

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We automate your entire business end to end.
Our services cover everything from building your intra, extra, and/or internet sites, to strategic business planning, obtaining VC monies, e-commerce and e-fulfillment, back-end connectivity and interactivity; and everything in-between... revamping processes, upgrading e-mail systems and networks, implementing web-enabled call centers, state-of-the-art phone systems, enabling your company to go to IPO, whatever it takes, from end to end. 

We work at Internet speed, faster than you expect.
The Internet moves and changes faster than any other technology in history. Your company must too. Once we upgrade your systems (if required), our work, be it pictures, video and sound, or strategic planning and other project elements, fly onto your screen without you ever having to leave your desk or waste time in meetings. You approve our work step by step, at your convenience, and from wherever you are located at the time. We take full advantage of the internet and all it can offer.

Projects are completed faster and more reliably than ever before no matter where you and your staff are physically located.

What Clients say about Rob and Cummings Design:

"Great concept, great work, awesome speed, we are very impressed."

"It's amazing how well you work with everyone"

"I've never worked with anyone that had such a wide range of knowledge and experience"

"Rob...we played the tape at the beginning of the show... it got a round of applause, it was very successful. It went over well, everyone's delighted."

"People must find it hard to believe that you can do all of this. I did... until I saw it for myself"

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Testimonials and References:

"Rob did the artistic design and navigation for websites at two companies for me. You can see them at and He is creative, technically in tune with new techniques, fast and adaptable.

I have worked with Rob at five different companies over a ten year period. We have always been delighted with his work. As with any creative talent Rob has strong personal opinions. I am sure you will be very pleased with him."

Stephanie Massengill, Senior Vice President
HEALTHvision  (561) 243-1457 Phone 
(561) 243-8850 Fax


"I have had the opportunity of working with Rob since October 1998.  Since that time we have worked on a number of marketing tools for Benwin.

They include, but by no means are limited to, a Benwin music video, ads, literature, web site, on-line store, product packaging, rebate cards and promotional handouts. In addition to Rob's creative talents he adds additional value with his insight to company/product marketing.

I cannot say that I am unhappy with any finished product/service that Rob has provided to us. If you decide to go with Cummings Design, I am sure that you will be happy with the service that you will receive."

Jackie Reseigne
Marketing Communications & PR Manager

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Rob creates a very productive environment with everyone on the same page.
Clients hire Rob and his virtual associates (located worldwide), to develop, manage, implement and produce cutting edge projects based on Internet business faster and more effectively than any other single resource.

Rob not only motivates and insures productivity,
he guarantees it with the plans he develops and implements, and with the unique techniques he uses to insure customer satisfaction.

Rob handles most of the creative, working directly with your senior management, marketing, sales, management, and PR team to achieve their objectives, not Rob's.

Rob manages with an exciting and fun, yet extremely productive 'take no prisoners' attitude. The job gets done and everyone is left with a smile on their face.

Rob brings in (or works with your) designers, writers, web/multimedia specialists, programmers, television and video talent. Everyone possible is on-line on a high-speed connection. Rob takes full advantage of every aspect of new technology to turn projects around quickly, effectively, and with clear communications team-wide. Most projects are completed entirely on-line.

Contact Rob for details on doing the impossible.

Use our free strategic marketing questionnaire to let Rob know what you have in mind. It's free and it will help you refine your goals internally, whether you call Rob or not.

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