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In July of 2000, realizing that Internet Privacy and Security issues were about to cause the downfall of many Sites and Organizations, Rob Cummings wrote, designed and launched the first fines-based Consumer Trust and Confidence Program.

A Program either ahead of its time, or just on the brink, it now provides an effective worldwide solution for Sites and Organizations to regain User confidence.

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The first Organization to develop a Licensing Program for web Sites and Organizations to help them gain User Confidence and Trust.

Launched in July of 2001 the Company was formed to help Users regain Confidence and Trust in the Internet. An idea slightly before its time, but with vision of what was about to come.

Back in July of 2000, Rob Cummings realized that the security and privacy issues caused by deceptive Internet marketing practices would lead to the downfall of many Internet Sites and Organizations.

QTL was and remains the first to offer a Program that will regain that trust through Licensing, development of a Code of Ethical Business Practices, financial penalties for violations of the Code, and compensation to Users.

This case history is in progress.