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Developed branding and positioning for this innovative new reinsurance company via two trade show exhibits and two annual reports. Created two themes Theme of first was 'Cutting Old School Ties", theme of second was 'Burning the Midnight Oil". Cut off 2500 neck ties at Risk Symposium.

Trenwick was a newly formed Reinsurance Company. We helped introduce and brand the new Company in a world where old, established Companies such as Lloyds of London were difficult to compete with.

Trenwick Re provided reinsurance coverage.

TRENWICK RE was a new reinsurance Company with innovative ideas.

Nobody trusts new reinsurance companies.

To successfully compete with others like Lloyds of London, Trenwick needed a miracle.

So we developed a theme: "cutting old school ties"

"Cutting old school ties" helped Trenwick  brand and make a name for itself in an old, and very established market.

We used the theme in all of Trenwick's communications... their ads, promotions, and all of their marketing and promotional tools.

We even built a three-foot tall tie-cutting machine for their exhibit booth at  the RISK Reinsurance Symposium.

While Trenwick's  competitors entertained  guests with dull rhetoric on leather couches, our client was busy cutting 2800 ties from the necks of key reinsurance executives, who proudly wore them.

A lot of people started talking about Trenwick. 

Everyone was sporting half-cut ties. 

Trenwick was an overnight hit. 


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