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Wrote directed and produced a promotional video; developed, wrote and designed an Internet and an Intranet Site to reposition a company of 24 after a major acquisition involving thousands of employees from several companies that became subsidiaries. 

Internally, develop an Intranet to unify, create corporate culture, stimulate and educate all staff, enable communications amongst all 'new' employees and between all new subsidiaries; and easily distribute information between all new offices, as well as train and motivate.

Externally, via an Internet, to make existing customers feel comfortable with and understand the product offerings and advantages of the acquisitions. Overall to bring the Company to an IPO which occurred successfully. The Company remains successful and is trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol eclp.

A video in 20 days, plus an Internet and Intranet for a 24-person Company that, through acquisitions, become a Company of thousands almost overnight.

Eclipsys is a Company that is enabling Internet-based healthcare services to improve patient outcomes and increase profitability for the 1400 member hospitals it serves.

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