Since 1979, Rob Cummings has been producing the kind of solutions you wish your Company thought of
(before the competition did).

Each solution is appropriate to the market,
the audience and the objectives.

There is no single particular style to Cummings' work.

However, there is a formula.
Every solution Cummings develops is based on marketing strategies intended to make your company look great while competitors seem inferior.

The goal is to leave the competition wishing they could create not simply a better look, but a better marketing and positioning counter-strategy.

Often they can't. That's the best part.

Years ago, big ad agencies did the research, determined the market, branded and positioned companies, made sure every aspect was coordinated and based their plans on strategic marketing from end to end. Most have vanished but that's what Cummings does today.

Since Rob Cummings writes, designs, develops strategies and creates the look and feel all at the same time, he's able to develop complete solutions that enable success.

It's a different approach than your typical designer, writer or ad agency. It's global with unique twists that leave competitors wondering what to do next.

That's really good.

Cumming's solutions are complete, comprehensive and end-to-end. Much more than pretty pictures. He becomes totally immersed in your success. 

You'll notice we do things differently
which makes our client's products and services stand out and drives the competition nuts.

Windsurfing by Mail
wanted to make waves in the mail order business.

They needed a killer catalog and response program, but didn't think they had the killer budget.

We suggested a World Tour.

They said what?

A World Tour?

That sounds expensive!

But it wasn't.


We arranged for free travel, lodging and vehicles through deals with  airlines and hotels... with a small mention in the catalog.

We shot each catalog in an  ideal windsurfing location... the Cayman  Islands, Aruba, and the Bahamas... at about the same cost as a studio.

Trenwick Reinsurance

TRENWICK RE was a new reinsurance Company with innovative ideas.

Nobody trusts new reinsurance companies.

To successfully compete with others like Lloyds of London, Trenwick needed a miracle.

So we developed a theme:
"cutting old school ties"

"Cutting old school ties"
helped Trenwick  to make a name for itself in an old, and very established market.

We used the theme in all of Trenwick's communications... their ads, promotions, and all of their marketing and promotional tools.

We even built a three-foot tall tie-cutting machine for their exhibit booth at  the RISK Reinsurance Symposium.

While Trenwick's  competitors entertained  guests with dull rhetoric on leather couches, our client was busy cutting 2800 ties from the necks of key reinsurance executives,
who proudly wore them.

A lot of people started talking about Trenwick. 

Everyone was sporting half-cut ties. 

Trenwick was an overnight hit. 

So you see?

You get much more from Cummings Design than pretty pictures. We dig deeply into every aspect of your business to insure the Programs we develop result in success.

Pretty pictures are great, and many can make them, but they are only one small component in developing a successful and profitable result.

What we do for our clients, and the way we do it, is what makes clients choose us over big agencies and other creative firms.

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