How does Cummings do it better? 
Rob works with clients as if he was employed by them, 
taking a genuine interest in the success of each project from every point of view.

The work looks pretty, but what really counts is the strategy, the global approach and the way Rob approaches projects and accomplishes all the objectives.

You can hire a graphic designer, a writer, a marketing director, a creative director, a sales director, even an entire agency... and you still will likely not get all you get from Rob.

 Part of the reason for success is Rob's personality, his charisma, his positive and motivational approach, and the way he treats both clients and vendors. But mainly it's his commitment to seeing the big picture, resolving future issues before they occur and always having one or more back up solutions.
Best of all he makes everyone happy, people like him and enjoy working with him in implementation. And he works well with Senior Management as well as all departments and branches.

Well... not everyone is happy.

Because Rob's Strategic and comprehensive Plans make your competitors go completely bonkers as they struggle to develop a counter-strategy. And you know what? That's great!
And It's fun!

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Click here for your FREE Strategic Marketing form.

Take a look at our Project Initiation Form.
We use it to learn about you, your company,
your market and your customers. 
It will help help you clarify your 
marketing objectives, identify your
product/service's strengths and weaknesses,
establish a budget, 
and ultimately develop a strategy to 
drive your competitors crazy.
That's the fun part.
It will help you think the project through
whether you contact us or not.
You can use it for free.
It will also help you to gain the approvals
of your managers and department heads.
It will make you a hero.
In the process, 
everyone will become aware of 
each other's goals, and ultimately all will 
arrive at a common goal.
It will eliminate hours of boring meetings.
If you send the form to us,
 we will help you develop a 
Strategic Marketing Plan.
And because the Strategic Marketing Plan
is based on everyone's input, 
everyone will be happy, all creative will 
be consistent (i.e. more effective), and
you'll be the top dog.
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