How does Cummings do it better?
Nanao USA
manufacturer of high-end computer monitors, wanted to cut prices and increase market share without looking cheap.
We developed a three-component  strategic marketing campaign: new ads, new brochures, a new Comdex exhibit.
Ad Concept: 
Now everyone can afford
the superior monitor.
Using photos (we bought for a song from Russian journalists),
Nanao established a precedent unmatched by their competitors.
Marketing Strategy:
State of the art
for all the arts.
We created an association between great creative projects and Nanao monitors. While Nanao's competitors featured pretty
pictures of colorful birds and scenery, (to show the color accuracy), Nanao's promotion featured colorful top-level real world projects the market for high-end and pricier monitors could easily relate to.
'State of the art for all the arts' 
was translated into
 Nanao's brochure
and their Comdex exhibit.
Nanao's sales took off like a rocket.
And the public's impression of the
brand was forever changed.
manufactures and markets high-end notebook computers.
To emphasize their value and improve the market perception, we
 photographed them in Lear jets and similar settings for their
new catalog and promotion.
A picture can be worth a lot in sales, and AMS sold more notebooks than theThrifty on Labor Day.

Innovative Electronics
integrates diverse retail information systems for large retailers.

For Innovative we developed a Retail Connections Guide.
Instead of producing a brochure that no one wanted, we produced a Guide everyone wanted.
It explained how the ideal retail system works, the components,
and how to combine them.
And it explained it to the CEO and CFO, the decision-makers,
in a way they could clearly understand.
It positioned Innovative as the 
Retail Connections Specialists
and encouraged potential customers to call, fax and e-mail with connections questions (especially the technical people), 
which become the basis for proposals.
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When you work with Cummings Design, the result is not simply clever or cute, it sells.

And we go miles further... explaining the program to your sales staff, technical staff, even your receptionist, and training them, sometimes in person and often via internet-based training tools we develop.

Our programs are end-to-end.

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