So what is Cummings good for? 
A new look, a new feel,
a new personality,
solid positioning
of your brand,
& company-wide acceptance.
We write, design and produce press releases, logos, ads, brochures, catalogs, multimedia including video and broadcast, packaging, exhibits, trademarks, cd's, interfaces, inter and intranets and more.
When we say 'we', it's Rob and a select few he manages if he feels he personally cannot do the work.... but you'd be surprised at how much Rob can accomplish on his own.
 Everything is delivered right to your desktop, so no matter where you or other key decision-makers are, the project is not delayed waiting for face to face meetings or phone calls.

We're in Southern California but our clients are everywhere. And we rarely see them.
We're broadband-connected, so we can move large files fast to printers and multimedia houses.
And all the work for approval arrives at your desktop via e-mail, fax or (if necessary, the slowest way - Fed Ex).
You review our work and make changes and comments at your convenience without boring and time-consuming meetings.
Ready to make your competitors crazy?
 Fill out the Project Initiation Form, and fax it to 949-249-8619.
 Or e-mail Rob right now.
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