Mergers and acquisitions are complex and often require special skills, talents, strategy, analytical research and psychology.

Cummings streamlines the process in many ways, ensuring that the new graphic identity, positioning, objectives and strategy are all on target; that the messaging is clear, positive and appropriate to all affected parties including staff, existing clients and investors; and that all are parties are stimulated by the conglomeration.

With mergers and acquisitions becoming commonplace, it's critical that all parties feel comfortable and are well informed regarding the reasons, the benefits and the anticipated outcome.

Like a new marriage, all members of the new extended 'family' need encouragement,  positive reinforcement and to be made clearly aware of all the advantages without fear or trepidation.

This includes but involves much more than the look and feel. We carefully analyze the situation and incorporate all the other necessary ingredients to ensure a smooth transition that is not only timely and strategically solid, but also like a rebirth.

The techniques we use are global in perspective and the speed at which we accomplish this is a result of combining both our creative and consulting services at once.

When we help handle your company's merger, you can rest assured that every aspect will be considered.

Any merger or acquisition runs the risk of harming internal as well as external relationships.
Obviously there were compelling reasons for the merger and this story needs to be clearly told across the board in all media. The opportunities to enable and improve communications, increase market share, credibility and profitability are tremendous, if the messaging, co-branding and positioning is handled properly. Cummings avoids risk by making sure the messaging is clear, the look and balance is appropriate and all the objectives are met.

The greatest advantage Companies get when Cummings is involved is big picture thinking and complete buy-in.
Through every available medium, the new look and messaging is consistent, no one is left in the dark, and all the pieces are carefully integrated to make people realize the true opportunity and benefits.

Cummings fits all the pieces together seamlessly,  and more important, makes sure that all accept, understand and support each other so that the new combination works as a well-oiled, well-designed machine. The result is less stress, fewer problems, increased productivity and improved communications. Plus excitement and positive reaction from the press. In addition we also reduce duplication of elements and achieve significant cost savings, which is partially why companies merge to begin with.

Making everyone happy across the board.
When all is built into the process through properly conceived, well-balanced and appropriate strategy, we can fully take  advantage of the merger or acquisition, receive the approval of all and truly make the merger or acquisition a clearly positive event. 

We can provide all the support tools via an Intranet. This saves money and keeps all informed of the new changes, plus much more.
Often an Intranet (an internal internet - not a dot com or public Site), is a tremendous tool for enabling internal communications, support, motivation, and company-wide synergy while it can reduce costs and increases productivity. Secure and password protected, it becomes the glue that keeps the new merged companies informed, motivated and provides all the necessary training and support.

Properly designed, written and implemented, it will:

  • keep all aware of new procedures

  • streamline processes

  • provide support and reference information

  • provide training tools & reduce costs

  • provide printable sales materials

  • provide proposal templates

  • enable interactivity between staff members

  • provide synergy and uniformity company-wide

  • create corporate culture

  • reduce travel and other expenses

  • save staff time

  • increase productivity

Available any time, and anywhere, staff can log on at home and on the road. Staff members can learn new processes quickly and easily saving valuable staff time in training and mentoring. Changes can be instantly updated and communicated, documents can be printed on the fly from any location, everyone is talking the same talk, walking the same walk, and dramatic savings in time and expense are achieved.

This is only a brief description of all that is involved however it gives you the general idea of our methods, thinking processes, and  our methodology in managing successful mergers and acquisitions on a global basis.
We suggest you first see the services we provide to get a better understanding of all we can offer when managing mergers or acquisitions.

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