We make everything work better, faster, smoother and more profitably from end to end.

Since 1979 Rob Cummings has been able to achieve dramatic, lasting and profitable change company-wide. Employing basic fundamentals, best practices and proven technologies, the old ways of doing business are transformed into frictionless new methods across the board and throughout your Company.

The techniques we use work for regional companies with only 5 employees to companies with 1000's in offices across the country and around the World.

We help build 21st Century businesses using a variety of techniques and proven technologies.
While ad agencies, financial consulting firms and others focus on their own specialties, Cummings analyzes the big picture while addressing all of the key elements - becoming completely immersed in your success in every area... at a cost that's easy to afford.

When everything and everybody is in sync, like a fine-tuned machine... your company runs smoother, faster, more profitably.

We think outside the box
(and being outside the box) makes a huge difference.
Management may be very well qualified, though being inside, it's sometimes hard to see the forest through the trees. Office politics and other internal issues make change even more difficult to achieve.

We look from the outside in with no preconceptions. With an open analytical mind, Rob interacts with staff and management, opens and stimulates minds, and makes change happen quickly and very effectively. Without preconceptions, he can discover or uncover issues and problems that were not obvious to many since they were simply too close to the day-to-day operation. Clients are amazed.

He can help streamline processes, motivate and train teams in person and with Intranet-based solutions, resolve problems, negotiate with vendors, and achieve other goals insiders cannot.

We make sure all the pieces are in place to create a complete, turn-key system.

The greatest advantage Companies receive from Cummings is big picture thinking and staff buy-in.
When everything is running in sync - from people to processes to systems, your business can run at 21st Century speed with everyone stimulated and informed.

Streamlining processes so everything runs faster, smoother and more productively.
Cummings fits all the pieces together seamlessly, and more important, makes sure that all accept, understand and support each other so that the Company works as a well-oiled, well-designed machine. The result is less stress, fewer problems, and greater productivity.

Helping people make and buy into change.
The best way to accomplish change is to let people be a part of creating it.
Instead of telling people what to do, Rob enables people to discover and buy into better processes and solutions. Sometimes he just supports good ideas they already have but were unable to implement, while he also stimulates their thinking, refines their concepts and offers new ones. Even though it's obvious he's paid by and working for Management, he immediately makes it clear that he takes no sides. His belief is that, for people to buy into and accept change, they must be made a part of it, believe in it and be excited by it.

Rob is able to open eyes to innovative new ideas and concepts, create harmony between diverse groups, facilitate change and acceptance and help Companies run smoother and more cost-effectively from top to bottom. 

Enabling group interactivity and excitement.
Rob doesn't use 'drill sergeant' or fear tactics. Instead, he becomes a part of the team and lets each group he works with know it's 'we' (Rob and the group) that are going to make improvements and changes that will benefit all. He's happy, exciting, polite, motivational and considerate of all he works with and makes sure everyone has the opportunity to speak their mind.

There's no fear inside or out.
As an outside Consultant Rob has no fear of being fired since everyone understands he is not an employee, and employees have no fear of him. Therefore he is uniquely able to enable staff members to be open, honest, thoughtful and begin to think outside the box.

People open up, participate and get excited.
Rob directs the meetings though mainly he listens, encouraging the entire group to express themselves openly and freely.

The process is fun, productive and it works.
Rob jokes, people laugh and enjoy the experience, however, in the relaxed yet energized atmosphere Rob creates, many great ideas emerge... some are his own and some are from the group. As step one, Rob helps the group develop the criteria by which the group ultimately judges the ideas and concepts they have discussed. He encourages all to think outside the box, keeps the discussion lively and the excitement level high. He lets everyone know that no ideas are bad ideas, just some are better than others. We discuss every possible solution and all potential problems and contingecies.

The focus becomes crystal clear.
Once all the ideas, concepts and possible solutions have been listed, Rob refines the discussion. Based on the criteria and objectives we developed at the beginning, we judge the concepts to keep, and those to eliminate. At this point we develop the plan. The group is motivated, focused, and excited about executing the plan since, with Rob's suggestions and their input, they were a part of it. 

An action plan all support, accept and buy into.
That's where the most important aspect, the 'buy-in' occurs. When people accept and feel strongly about a solution they helped to develop, and completely understand it, they will fully support it.

The focus and enthusiasm is maintained.
Rob's Clients can depend on him to make absolutely sure the plan stays on track, has contingencies built into it, and that everyone believes in and supports it. He stays in touch with the group to make sure of this.

All of the details are assessed and addressed. 
Rob's Clients can also rest assured that he will assess every little detail while keeping the big picture clearly in mind and the solutions perfectly focused. His philosophy is that even the smallest overlooked detail can be the biggest pitfall.

We provide all the support tools via an Intranet. 
Often an Intranet (an internal internet - not a dot com or public Site), is a tremendous tool for enabling internal communications, support, motivation, and company-wide synergy while it can reduce costs and increases productivity. Secure and password protected, it becomes the glue that keeps the Company informed, motivated and provides all the necessary training and support.

Properly designed, written and implemented, it will:

  • keep all aware of new procedures

  • streamline processes

  • provide support and reference information

  • provide training tools & reduce costs

  • provide printable sales materials

  • provide proposal templates

  • enable interactivity between staff members

  • provide synergy and uniformity company-wide

  • create corporate culture

  • reduce travel and other expenses

  • save staff time

  • increase productivity

Available any time, and anywhere, staff can log on at home and on the road. Staff members can learn new processes quickly and easily saving valuable staff time in training and mentoring. Changes can be instantly updated and communicated, documents can be printed on the fly from any location, everyone is talking the same talk, walking the same walk, and dramatic savings in time and expense are achieved. 

Bright outcomes with lasting results.
By motivating and streamlining, reducing vendor and operational costs, using good psychology, techniques and Intranet-based solutions, Cummings Design been breathing new life into Companies and all of their employees, significantly increasing short and long term profitability.

If you are Top Management, you're delighted with the results. If you're a VP, Marketing or Sales Director, Top Management and investors will be delighted with you.

Since 1979, Cummings Design has been helping Companies succeed in many unexpected ways.

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