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We provide end-to-end strategic solutions for 21st century business.

With over 26 years of very broad experience, Rob works directly with you and your Company.
With strong marketing skills and experience in all media, Rob personally enables, directs, provides and/or manages all the key ingredients of success:

  • positioning

  • branding

  • logos and complete corporate identity

  • trademarks & copyrights

  • business plans

  • strategic marketing

  • re-purposing

  • advertising and promotion in all media

  • packaging and owner's manuals

  • internet, intranet, and extranets

  • search engine optimization

  • exhibits

  • process streamlining

  • communications systems & processes

  • sales strategies

  • training

  • technical support

  • departmental and company-wide motivation

  • customer relations programs and systems

  • strategic alliances

  • scalability plans

  • contingency planning

  • contract negotiation

By combining all the necessary ingredients, Rob can help transform your company into a lean, efficient and profitable 21st Century business from top to bottom.

Can one person do all of this?
Yes, and often better and faster. Practically all of the work of Cummings Design (including the writing, creative, concepts, strategies and plans) was created, developed and produced by Rob himself. 

As one Client remarked 'people will find that hard to believe...I did until I saw it'. Rob replied 'I know'. From a very early age he determined it's best to do it all yourself, and if you can't or don't have time, it's second best to at least understand how it's done so you can effectively direct it.

The fact that Rob can develop and manage all the necessary ingredients means you get results in less time and with greater focus than most other Consultants or vendors can provide - regardless of their size or the number of people employed by their organization.

In cases where Rob is not creating the key ingredients, his broad range of talents and experience enable him to knowledgably direct others and still maintain focus.

What doesn't Rob do?
In specialized and highly technical areas where Rob does not have expertise (like sophisticated computer programming and other specialized areas), he calls on his Virtual Associates, qualified members of your staff, or others to get the job done. On the other hand, he does know what can be done, how it is done, who to turn to and how to manage it.

Having worked closely with management, creative, financial and technical talent for over 26 years, whether he does the work himself or as part of a team, you can rest assured that the focus, objectives, schedule and budget will all be met.

Rob knows when others are needed to accomplish objectives and works well with others to make sure all communications are clear and projects remain focused and on track.

Across-the-board media and complete solutions.
By being proficient and knowledgeable in all media, Rob plans everything in advance - so the creative produced in one medium is easily  translated across all media at significant cost savings and with better coordination.

  • all printed materials

  • web

  • video

  • television

  • multimedia - CD-ROM, DVD and other

  • sales and marketing tools

  • training tools (both printed and Intranet-based)

  • sales scripts

Since practically all of the copy is written, edited or directed by Rob while the various media are being developed, your messaging is clear and consistent across the board as well, right down to scripts for answering phones. Consistency is the key to being perceived as strong, reliable and stable.

Better across-the-board communications.

Rob and those he works with use the Internet, Intranet and other cost-saving and effective techniques to insure that your entire Company and all subsidiaries, departments and others are fully informed and in touch. This is the information age and with the right tools you can stay off the phone, off the plane, be more productive and better informed day and night.

  • Travel expenses are dramatically reduced

  • Communications are expedited

  • Phone expenses are reduced

  • Everyone is on the same page

  • Everyone is speaking the same language

  • Everyone is working as a unit

  • All can be updated at any time, any place

  • Information is at everyone's finger tips

Business Fundamentals combined with innovative yet proven technologies and total commitment.
Rob has worked with many Companies and has gained a lot of knowledge and experience since he started his innovative across-the-board marketing firm in 1979.

He understands the fundamentals of good business practices, has a keen eye for weak links, and knows what it takes to succeed. He also spends a great amount of his time remaining abreast of the latest developments in all business-related areas.

Although a proponent of new technologies, Rob does not take risks with unproven technology yet he takes full advantage of proven technologies.

He also will not take you on as a Client unless he is sure he can provide a positive outcome, on time and within budget.

What's the financial arrangement?

No contract required.
Rob is so confident you will be thrilled with his services that he requires no contract. You buy pre-paid blocks of our time and can terminate the relationship at any time simply by not sending payment with ten days notice.

Typically we estimate how much time will be required on a month-to-month basis and only exceed that under certain special circumstances.

If the pre-paid block of time appears that it will not cover the work required in a given period, Rob will notify you in advance, giving you the option to temporarily put the work on hold or proceed with additional pre-payment based on an estimate of the additional time required. 

Simple accounting and budgeting.
This pre-paid arrangement reduces accounting and risk at both ends yours and ours. It also makes it easier for Clients to budget for our services on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. And this arrangement offers an easy out and a level of comfort if Clients choose not to continue. It also insures our best interest is in providing an unsurpassed level of quality and service in all areas.

A loyal relationship is guaranteed.
Rob and those he works with act as Consultants, not vendors. Without a contract we act entirely on our Client's behalf. 

As Consultants, we are not vendors, and therefore we:

  • do not accept commissions from vendors

  • negotiate contracts with suppliers and vendors

  • set up direct payment between Clients and vendors

  • help Clients choose and assess vendors

  • have no bias in vendor selection other than making sure the vendor is committed and qualified

We work even while you sleep, including nights and weekends.
We're available 24/7 to insure your success.

  • You won't get a voice mailbox at 2:00am without a return call within one hour. No matter what time of the day or night, if any situation arises, we will be available to help resolve it.

Rarely a step behind the latest news.
Rob and each Virtual Associate spends at least 2 hours every day learning about and tracking the latest developments in business and technology. We are rarely a step behind.

Team players with winning attitudes.
Rob has a unique ability to work well with management and staff insuring that all understand and buy into new work processes and programs. Any Virtual Associate who works with Rob has the same winning attitude.

Virtual Associates with specialties in many areas.
Our growing team of Virtual Associates around the World provide expertise in all areas.

No matter where you are geographically located, you can be assured of receiving the same quality of service as if you were next door.
The majority of Cummings' Clients are scattered around the Country (and sometimes in other Countries).

Many of our more recent Clients have never met Rob or any of his Virtual Associates in person yet all their work was completed on time, within budget, and without miscommunication.

We look forward to working with you!

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