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"Since I'll tell people my keyword all the time, it probably should be less like a search keyword, and more like a phone directory term."

Try to avoid common dictionary or generic terms as keywords.

Think the opposite of search keywords, and more like phone directory or other directory terms, and you'll begin to understand our recommended choices.

The most popular search terms often are not better than the recommended choices since keyword.com is not a search engine.

Search engine type' keywords are our most costly to subscribe to since only one is allowed in our system, and remember, keyword.com is a 'find' engine and people learn of your keywords from you telling them - not by random search.

This means that while 'CD' can be allowed, as a generic keyword found in the dictionary, it will be far more costly to subscribe to than one less generic.

'CDs by Acme' will be better for many applications including your branding, and since it is less generic, it will be less costly in our value calculation.

Please FOLLOW THE RULES CAREFULLY for best results.

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