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Our toll-free number is 1-800-000-0000

Call us at 212-000-0000

Our number is 979-000-0000

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Your toll-free or area code+telephone number will become your free keyword.com Internet keyword.

When people enter your phone number at keyword.com and click GO, they go directly to your web site.

Add a "1" before the number or not as you wish. Register the number or use an acronym such as 1-800-FLOWERS. You MUST direct your internet keyword to the specific web page on your site which is associated with this telephone number.

There's only one catch - You must place one small keyword.com banner (like those shown in the upper left on your page), and program it to mouse-over to remind people of your number. It's easy and effective. Mouse over one of the banners now to see how they work.

OK, let me proceed.

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