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Bar Code Service only works in cooperation with the bar code owner.

We are not building a database, we are building trusted relationships with bar code owners that wish to have bar codes launch specific web pages. Bar Code Service is paid by bar code owners on an annually renewable basis. This is a limited time free trial for Bar Code owners. If you choose not to continue with Bar Code Service, your bar code number will be removed from the register, the bar code you submit will no longer work at, and will no longer be used by - in any way - ever - for any reason. If you have concerns, print this form after filling it out but before clicking SUBMIT. At any time you wish, simply type CANCEL on the free trial confirmation email we send after you submit, hit reply, and your bar code will be promptly and completely removed from our system.

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We then contact you to let you know Bar Code Service is ready, and that you can enter the bar code submitted and go direct to the web page you specified. You may then try Bar Code Service and determine if you wish to keep it.

This is not an automated system. We personally manage each free trial registration.


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