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"I would like a FREE email keyword, I own a web site, blog or other page, and agree to place a mini-banner on the page I register it to below (and keep it clean)."

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We NEVER sell, rent or share email addresses with any other party.

Although you can try it anyway without any obligation...

Before you click 'Next', please see steps 2 and 3 below that explain how to activate and maintain your FREE keyword subscription:

If your entry above is acceptable we'll make the email keyword you enter above work for FREE at and let you know it's ready, often same day, and there is absolutely no limit on how often people use it. It's FREE.

Step 2: Reply to the Welcome to a demo! email we send so we can see the page you directed your email keyword to.

Step 3: The email will ask that you place and keep one of these mini-banners anywhere on the web page entered above and link it back to


As long as we see a mini-banner on the page you entered above, and your site qualifies, and you abide by our Terms of Service, your email keyword will work at just ike any other keyword - except yours is FREE!* keywords have no affect on your web pages whatsoever!

Please return home if you cannot display a mini-banner on your web Site, blog, MySpace, Facebook or other web site. Otherwise, please fill in the form above.

* If we randomly check (and we do) and we do not see the mini-banner on your page we instantly deactivate your email keyword without notice and your FREE email keyword subscription will be cancelled.

Note: This is a beta service and all free email keywords are subject to deactivation at any time without notice. Deactivation is at the sole discretion of No warranties relating to this service are expressed or implied and by registering and using this service, you agree to hold, its owners, agents and assigns entirely harmless of any liability whatsoever.

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