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Any phone number can send any user to any web page or file by entering the Internet Phone keyword.

Try one:
Enter 123-456-7890 above and click GO.
Don't blink, it works so fast that you may miss it.

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Simply tell people...
Enter your phone number at send them direct to any page on your Site.

Save time, reduce costs, increase productivity, enhance customer service, use them for promotions, and more.

When entered at, specific phone numbers go direct to specific web pages on Sites.

Your Internet phone keywords will work anywhere in the world, in all browsers, without any browser modification or plug-ins of any kind.

What could your phone numbers do for your company?

  • Send users to content-specific web pages and files on your own web Site - pages that you manage and maintain, and can update at any time.
  • Any phone number can instantly open any specific web page or file.
  • A local number could send people to a local reservations page.
  • A customer service phone number could take people direct to an RMA, FAQs, or other customer service web page.
  • A service company might use its registered phone keyword to send people to a special promotional page.

Some application ideas:
Each of the following, entered at, would go to the content-specific web page you choose.

For Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service:
Note - These are non-working examples.

Enter our main phone number at
... to
go directly to our web Site.

Enter our toll-free number to see all of our hotel chain locations or... 
Enter our local hotel phone number at
go directly to hotel reservations and information in that city or town.

Enter 000-000-1001 at
go directly to our Sales Support web page.

Enter 000-000-1002 at
go directly to our Shipment Tracking web page.

Enter 000-000-1003 at
go directly to our online store.

Don't have time to wait on hold?
Enter 000-000-1004 at go directly to our Customer Support page.

For Promotional and Campaign applications:

Note - These are non-working examples.

Call us at 800-000-0000 or...
Enter 800-000-0000 at now learn more about this exciting offer.

We have last-minute tickets available...
Enter 800-000-0000 at now
...or stay on the line and we'll be with you shortly.

An operator will be on the line soon, if you wish...
Enter 800-000-0000 at now
...and use our convenient web sign up form.

Some promotional ideas:
Tell people to 'enter the phone number at' by any means you wish.

  • on the phone or on hold
  • on your business cards
  • via direct mail
  • on radio and TV
  • on any flyer or promotional handout
  • in your advertising

What's the cost?
The cost per Internet Phone Keyword is as low as $49.95 per year.
One day set-up. Charge it to your Visa or MasterCard and begin lowering your costs of doing business today.

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