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Try another sample  :  keyword  |  bar code  |  telephone number  |  buy a Internet keyword launches just one page - the one you want... instantly.


Using keywords is fast, easy, smart, direct, and fun. lets you skip telling people all this to find a page or file htttp://www.TryToRecallHowToSpellTheSite/andWasItDotCom.DotNet.Org/AndAllTheCrazyLooking

and makes the above a simple easy-to-remember keyword phrase.

People hear or see 'enter <keywords you choose> at' , click GO.
No list of results as a search provides, the exact web page or file from your site associated with your specific keyword that you chose is the ONLY 'result' that appears, opening instantly.

No surfing, only finding. keywords send people by word of mouth memory to the exact pages and files they want - anywhere within your Site, without any surfing, frustrating, time-consuming clicking, getting lost, forgetting, or seeing all your competitors along the way.

Clean, simple, instant, more memorable, clutter-free.
The Internet has grown to where even the best search engines deliver too many results, web Sites have too many choices. People get frustrated, lose patience, run out of time, and often get distracted by competitors, without finding the specific pages and files others (maybe you) need and want them to see.

Demo your own keywords now, see them work in minutes. Click Here keywords take people to just one relevant web page the member/registrant has specially selected.

Maybe the keyword is a bar code (for example) though the keyword could be a part number, phone number, or any other unique term:

People enter the keyword at, click GO, and the specific web page associated with the keyword launches instantly.

Once people enter the registered keyword and launch the web page associated with it, people can bookmark that web page, or continue to find it at a later time via (as long as it remains active). member/registrants use to direct people to any web page a registrant chooses - quickly, easily, and far more cost-effectively than any other method, saving people time and effort. 

The bridge is entirely independent of any web page it launches. member/Registrants can use the same keyword and leave the web page it goes to static, or update the web page the keyword launches at any time.

The possibilities are nearly endless for personal use; and:

  • marketing, e-commerce, contests
  • customer service
  • direct sales
  • faster distribution of all types of information to increase productivity and retention
  • just about anything you can dream of

Please contact us with questions or comments and thank you for visiting and supporting and Internet keyword service. Internet keywords GO direct to web pages.

Try a sample  :  keyword  |  bar code  |  telephone number

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