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Bar Code numbers launch web pages
With pricing as low as $150USD per product per year*, BCS enables and enhances fun consumer promotions, inspires consumers to take a closer hands-on look at products, and has numerous other business applications... >>>

Phone (and other) Numbers launch web pages
At just $49USD per number per year*, save time, money, and increase productivity when numbers launch reservations, customer service, and other specific web pages... >>>


Improve your Site and its functionality
Increased productivity and reduced cost are all in the 'design' yet many Sites are trading the basic fundamentals for fancy tricks that hinder functionality. 18 short slides help you pinpoint problems and inspire you to a greater web presence... >>>

Search engine optimization tutorial
Leading Sites are not found properly in searches as a result of form not following function. This 10 page tutorial helps explain why, and will get you thinking on the right track... >>>

We know keywords... plus you can buy one.
From basic to highly advanced techniques, we know Internet keywords and how they can work for your business. Involved with Internet keyword concepts and strategies since 1997, we help web developers and businesses and may have just the solution you're looking for. Contact us.

Unique terms & phrases launch web pages
It all started in 1997 - a unique term entered at instantly launches a specific web page. As business solutions, keywords can be any unique term, phrase, number or any alpha-numeric combination. Available on a  quarterly or annually paid basis, contact us today or learn more...>>> 

* Certain restrictions apply. Pricing subject to change.
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