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Example/Sample: Cummings Design is the bridge from offline to online.

Since 1997 we've been providing an offline to online marketing solution that reliably and seamlessly transports people from offline to online.

The phrase 'enter the keyword at' makes it work - in any media - and even by word of mouth.

The exact web page associated with that specific and unique keyword launches the moment the keyword is entered.

As an Internet user, you should find highly effective, easy to use, and very fast - launching the exact page you expect in milliseconds and without any list of results to choose from.

Once you enter the registered keyword and launch the web page associated with it, you can bookmark that web page, or continue to find it at a later time via (as long as it remains active).

As a marketer, you can count on to direct consumers and others to any web page you choose - quickly, easily, and far more cost-effectively than any other method - plus save them time and effort. 

The bridge is entirely independent of any web page it launches. Marketers can use the same keyword and leave the page static, or make it ever changing. The possibilities are nearly endless.

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